Case Studies

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At phData, we define our success by the outcomes we drive for our customers. Explore the latest data journey stories from our customers.
A top U.S. restaurant chain knew that to sustain their aggressive growth trajectory, they needed to continue making good on their core brand promise: delivering exceptional quality and customer service at a competitive price.
A Phamacy Benefits Manager serving 27+ million members needed help implementing a mission-critical Operational Data Store (ODS), after three failed attempts to get it in production.
As their Teradata contract came up for renewal, they were looking to move to Snowflake; but it was a daunting complex and risky undertaking, which they lacked the skills for.
A top U.S. Outdoor Vehicle Manufacturer struggled to accurately forecast demand across hundreds of thousands of unique products — particularly when many of these had unique seasonal or regional factors in demand, and little or no historical data.
The agribusiness company had been relying on an Excel-based forecasting simulation to optimize the margins on their product. However, maintaining and scaling such a complex tool built within a single, massive spreadsheet proved to be incredibly difficult.
A top-5 U.S. restaurant chain seeking to continue delivering world-class customer service at scale looked to machine learning and native language processing (NLP) to automate the process of intaking verbal orders.
A leading manufacturer of mining and earth-moving equipment sought to increase top line revenue through new products and services, including smart-connected equipment and post-purchase proactive maintenance services.
A large U.S. Oil & Gas company seeking to minimize risks to onsite workers and equipment by getting more out of their sensor-based safety monitoring system.

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