Case Studies

Explore the latest data journey stories from our customers.

Restaurant Chain Case Study Machine Learning AWS

Restaurant Chain

Delivering quality at-scale through Machine Learning on AWS

Industrial Manufacturer​ Case Study IoT Snowflake

Industrial Manufacturer

Increasing efficiency and data accessibility with IoT on Snowflake

Pharmacy Benefits Manager​ Case Study Snowflake Migration

Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Migrating to Snowflake for massive performance improvements

Agribusiness and Dairy Company​ Case Study Machine Learning

Agribusiness and Dairy Company

Maximizing profit margins with smarter forecasting through Machine Learning

Medical Device Maker Snowflake Case Study

Medical Device Manufacturer

Automating self-service and onboarding with Snowflake and AWS

Life Insurance Company Migrates from Cloudera to EMR

Life Insurance Company

Migrating from Cloudera to AWS EMR for a scalable and innovative future

Outdoor Vehicle Manufacturer​ Case Study Machine Learning Databricks

Outdoor Vehicle Manufacturer

Forecasting demand with Machine Learning on Spark

Oil & Gas Company​ Case Study IoT

Oil & Gas Company

Minimizing risk at drilling sites with an IoT safety monitoring system

AWS Cloud Formation at a Top U.S. Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company

Improving automation for deployments with AWS CloudFormation

Pharmacy Benefits Manager​ Case Study ODS Spark

Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Implementing a mission-critical Operational Data Store using Spark

Restaurant Chain​ Case Study Machine Learning NLP

Restaurant Chain

Improving order automation and customer wait times with Machine Learning and NLP

Automating Cloud-Native Data Applications with EMR at a Top Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company

Automating cloud-native data applications using AWS EMR

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