Training & Enablement

Empowering your teams to build successful data solutions themselves

What is Training & Enablement?

We work directly with your data & analytics teams to build your communities of practice,  provide 1-1 coaching services, and curate engaging learning experiences to ensure sustainable adoption of your data platform and tools. 

Why invest in Training & Enablement?

Metrics: Training that leads to real results

of respondents reported return of investment from their training.

Time Savings

of respondents reported time savings due to automation.

Cost Savings

Respondents reported an estimated total savings per year through optimization and automation.

Net-New Revenue

Respondents reported estimated net new revenue from new business insights.

Our Training & Enablement Solutions

Center of Excellence Support

We work in collaboration with your business and IT leadership to stand up the people, process, and technology required to run a value-added Center of Excellence.

Coaching Services

We ensure your users have direct access to technical expertise through 1-1 coaching to solve problems, get feedback, and remove blockers. 

Learning Management

We offer a curated set of engaging learning plans combined with progress tracking, certification, and digital badging to help drive visibility to the analytics skills at your organization. 

Community Services

We help create the rituals, routines, and ownership required to maintain a successful analytics community including:

We love our Training & Enablement customers

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Got Training & Enablement questions? We've got answers.

Yes, these services directly result in sustained adoption of the tools and technology.

Yes, we offer tool agnostic learning and tool specific to ensure consumers and creators mature together.

Yes, we are aiming to be completely customizable and can even white label our services and products within your current branded internal initiatives.

How our Training & Enablement services accelerate your project 

  • Speed to Insight

    As the business begins to self-serve, you get reduced lead times on funding cycles and less back and forth communication which results in increased speed to insight. 

  • Increased Retention 

    Our customers are experiencing improved retention as learners are able to automate manual data tasks that once encroached on their free time and caused a poor work life balance.

  • ROI Tracking

    Our product and services include surveys that track the time and cost saving statements users are attributing to their use case development efforts.

  • Closing the Skill Gap

    It’s common to see technology advancement moving faster than skill development. Our products and services help close these skill gap.

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