Case Study

Top Regional Bank Modernizes its Data Warehouse with Snowflake


Customer's Challenge

One of the leading regional banks in the Midwest needed to modernize its data warehouse and business intelligence systems and processes. With over 20 years of legacy data, including thousands of tables and hundreds of stored procedures, they needed a partner with extensive cloud experience to create a solid plan and execute a migration to Snowflake.

phData's Solution

phData provided an actionable six-week data strategy that included a detailed migration plan to Snowflake. Once delivered, phData’s data engineers helped successfully migrate their production systems to Snowflake. 

This included a complete setup of their Snowflake account from scratch, planning and implementing a new information architecture, and replicating and validating over 400 of their top priority tables to Snowflake using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS).


By the end of the engagement, the client had production-ready data for hundreds of its tables consumable in Snowflake. They now have a roadmap for migrating the rest of their data to Snowflake and can pivot to converting the hundreds of stored procedures that perform the transformation of their data (also with the help of phData). 

The company can now access its data faster and at a lower cost. In addition, the client experienced:

The Full Story

A leading regional bank of the Midwest was facing a combination of performance problems and overwhelming maintenance costs with several of its legacy platforms and technologies.

As an innovative organization, the client realized it needed to leverage modern technologies like the Snowflake Data Cloud to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions for its customers. However, having used an on-premises SQL Server instance for data warehousing and SQL Server Integration Studio (SSIS) for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) for the past 20 years, they needed help from someone with experience in the modern technology stack to help them transition. 

phData then performed a six-week Data Strategy, using the time to discover how the client was using their data currently and what pain points they faced in all parts of the data pipeline to propose a solution using modern cloud-based technologies. 

Once the client accepted the solution, phData went right to work the very next day:

Why phData?

The client chose to work with phData over other vendors because of our team’s proven track record of migrating legacy systems to Snowflake. With hundreds of migrations under our belt, phData has cemented itself as the leading vendor with all things Snowflake.

Reference Diagram

With such a large amount of data and processes, the client has some work to do to be fully integrated into the cloud, but they have an actionable plan to achieve their goals. During our Data Strategy, phData provided a future state diagram of how their tech stack will look when the client is done implementing the solution it chose from the recommendations phData provided.

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