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Wield the power of financial data to reduce risk, boost profits, and automate manual tasks

Data and analytics consulting for financial services

Financial services companies are leading the data transformation future, often leveraging data, analytics, and machine learning to optimize all areas of the business. From credit card processing to insurance underwriting to retail banking, data is shaping the future of the financial industry. 

phData plays a vital role in this transition by helping financial organizations better harness the power of data by guiding them through the highly regulated environments of financial data to produce value-driven outcomes. 

In short, phData helps growth-hungry financial institutions architect, accelerate, scale, and manage their data platforms. 

How we help financial firms thrive in a highly regulated and competitive environment

Support and Enhance Fraud Detection Capabilities

We put our brightest experts to work architecting and implementing fraud detection systems with unmatched speed and accuracy. You’ll sleep better knowing that your systems are constantly monitored and optimized for business SLAs. 

Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Metadata-Driven Processes

Make compliance one less thing you have to worry about. By managing and curating highly relevant metadata, phData can quickly curate data, making it easier to develop data products that enable regulatory compliance and reporting.

Automate & Accelerate with Machine Learning and Analytics

We’ve built and operated several notable machine learning platforms and solutions. Using those as references, we’ll help you efficiently implement production-ready ML and AI applications with observability and monitoring built-in.

Assess and Improve Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity

We don’t just build data products, we ensure that you feel supported in maintaining them after the project ends. We work to foster a culture around data that will enable you to continuously drive value from your data, year-after year.

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Financial Services areas of expertise

Regulatory Compliance can be a significant bottleneck in data and analytics pipelines.  phData has created metadata-driven systems for managing data products and machine learning models to simplify governance processes.
Automation is key to creating reproducible processes and accelerating modern business. We know what it takes to modernize decisioning workflows with data-driven processes for claims and applications.
Model Risk Management is vital for business-critical models but burdensome for analysts and data scientists. phData brings established patterns for integrating modern MLOps technologies with traditional MRM processes.
Data Sharing and Monetization are still new to many companies. phData has experience and accountability to deliver quality results that help remove data silos and earn more revenue from your data.

Got financial data analytics questions? We've got answers.

We have covered a lot of unique data and analytics use cases, but we most frequently see:

  • Migrations from legacy on-prem systems to cloud data platforms like Snowflake and Redshift
  • Creation of dashboards and reports for descriptive analytics
  • Development of AI/ML predictive applications for risk evaluation, early warning, and automated decisioning
  • Implementation of metadata-driven data pipelines for governance and reporting

Financial institutions face a high degree of risk, regulatory requirements, and governance.  Any data-driven system introduces complexity that must be adapted to meet those requirements. While automation is key to solving those problems, developing appropriate checks and balances requires careful attention to stakeholders and business needs.

The modern economy runs on data, and financial institutions have always relied on data within their business.  New technologies have opened the doors for groundbreaking transformations, including: 

  • Automation of claim and application reviews
  • Fraud detection and active alerting
  • Real-time reporting on portfolio performance 
  • Early warning systems for account delinquency

Why Financial Services companies partner with phData

phData helps with the entire data and analytics lifecycle—from strategy to implementation—so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

Analytics Community Leaders

Our team consists of industry-recognized experts and community leaders. In every data and analytics project, you know you’re working with an expert with a proven track record.

Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud Experts

We’ll help you build trust and use Snowflake to its full potential by laying down a data foundation built on automation, governance, and accountability.

Proven Best Practices

We’ve developed our approach with the most advanced data and analytics capabilities and platforms, deploying hundreds of data product use cases across all corners of the financial industry.

Migration Expertise

We make data migrations to Snowflake easy. By leveraging the phData Toolkit software accelerators and the expertise of our cloud experts, our financial services customers save noticeable amounts of time and money doing large-scale migrations with phData at their side.

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