Snowflake Data Collaboration Solution for Manufacturing

Accelerating collaboration via data sharing strategy on Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud

Common Issues Facing Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies face some common problems when it comes to demand forecasting: 


Improve accuracy by leveraging predictors for legacy & new products. 

Asset Optimization

Minimize costs, improve cash flow and boost profitability. 

Supplier Management

Obtain cost efficiency through improved transportation planning. 

phData’s Data Collaboration solution on Snowflake directly addresses these common manufacturing challenges.

phData Data Collaboration Strategy Manufacturing Solution

Our solution creates a data-sharing roadmap & backlog with technical recommendations that tie to actionable business use cases in six short weeks.

Our Data Collaboration Strategy delivers the following:

  1. Deep Technical Roadmap
  2. Actionable Use Case Backlog
  3. Executive Alignment & Strategy Summary

What to Expect From the Technical Roadmap

Our technical roadmap will cover the following key areas: 

What to Expect From the Business Roadmap

Our experts will help identify data sharing and manufacturing use cases in the following areas: 

phData Data Collaboration for Manufacturing Strategy Customer Story: Outdoor Vehicle Manufacturer


Aftermarket parts are a huge opportunity to continue to drive revenue. The challenge for the OEM is not knowing which parts they should continue to produce. 

Likewise, the challenge for dealerships os sourcing parts from third parties when the OEM can’t provide the part. 


The client implemented phData’s Data Collaboration strategy solution. phData provided a data sharing reference architecture combined with a deep technical roadmap as well as business case backlog. 

phData’s Data Sharing offering provided a clear roadmap for account provisioning automation tool, which was a large component for the client. 


The strategy & discovery phase accelerated the enterprise deployment of data sharing. The cross-party sharing unlocked the ability to better serve the customer and creates opportunities for both the OEM and the dealership network. 

The account provision automation allowed for quick deployment of multi-cloud count’s for external users via data daring, while still being secure. 

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