Case Study

Global Restaurant Chain uses Alteryx and UI Path for New Hire Documentation Review


Customer's Challenge

A global restaurant chain was looking for a way to automate its employment eligibility process, which took hours of manual review each day to verify.

phData's Solution

The phData Analytics team created an Alteryx workflow to read reports extracted by Ui Path from Workday containing documentation data, preparing a report that allows the People Ops team to review any cases that require attention.


By developing an Alteryx solution, phData was able to reduce a process that took more than 500 hours yearly, saving the client around $50K. Additionally, by automating the process in Alteryx, the team ensured that all documents that needed to be reviewed were properly communicated and sent to the People Operations team members, guaranteeing regulatory demands complied.

The Full Story

To ensure new hires’ documentation is within regulatory demands, the People Operations team of a major global restaurant chain had to check their systems daily for discrepancies in employment documentation and then make corrections if necessary.

This process took around two hours each day and required multiple people to access the same data to take action on the reviewed documents. Depending on the person doing the process, the final results often vary.

The beloved restaurant chain, which was already using Alteryx for various purposes, reached out to the phData team to see if adding automation to their current process with existing technology was possible.

phData developed a plan to build automation in Alteryx to save time, limit human error, and improve performance when creating regulatory files for the new hires’ documentation review process.

Why phData?

phData has a celebrated track record of helping the client succeed with the Alteryx platform on several past projects. They knew they would be in good hands once phData presented a solution and offered a speedy timeline.

Building a Custom Alteryx Solution

To get the initial documents, Ui Path was leveraged to download reports from Workday, saving them to a file server location. Alteryx then reads those files, along with the previous execution files, and prepares a new report saved directly in SharePoint, allowing business users to work collaboratively in the file.

The workflow is easily separated into reading the data (left side), preparing each type of analysis (middle), and then saving the final files (right side). The outputs were divided into two processes: one with the onboarding review and the other with the I-9 review.

Throughout the workflow, Alteryx uses the files Ui Path extracted from Workday along with the SharePoint files from the previous day’s analysis. Most categories are made within macros, which are very similar, with minor adjustments required.

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