Energy Price Forecasting Solution

Snowflake Powered AI

End-to-End Forecasting

Build a Robust Energy Price Forecasting with Snowflake & phData

Harness the future of energy management with phData’s innovative energy price forecasting solution that utilizes Snowflake’s native features to precisely predict energy prices that empower your analysts with actionable insights to drive profitability

What Our Solution Will Unlock for Your Business:

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Our perfect customer match would be:

Open to utilizing all of the new Snowflake ML features that have been released in the last few years in lieu of a more traditional ML platform. 

While this solution could be used by organizations with any level of ML maturity, it’s a great early use case for those who have recently started their journey. 

Preferably in the energy industry, but the approach could be adapted to anyone in need of forecasting. 

Unsure of the value they get from a third-party forecasting service and looking to move the process in-house.

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