Case Study

Municipal Company Utilizes Snowflake & Power BI to Gain Insights Into Energy Usage

The Customer’s Challenge

A rural Washington state municipal company desired to upgrade its data ingestion system and processes to gain better insights into customer energy usage. They were using an old and outdated system that was creating duplicates and incorrect/missing values within their data. With these issues persisting, they needed a more modernized and reliable system to better capture utility meter usage data from customers.

phData’s Solution

phData helped the client modernize its data ingestion process by building improved pipelines into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Additionally, phData worked on standardizing foundational reporting through Power BI and created a Points of Contact (POC) report.

The Full Story

A prevalent municipal utilities company within the rural regions of Washington state needed an overhaul of their data ingestion process along with modernized analytics capabilities.  

The company had an old and outdated ingestion process for getting data into Snowflake. This pipeline had many problems like missing data, duplicate data, and incorrect values, and ultimately, it was not a scalable solution for their growing organizational needs. 

The customer also had the desire to modernize and standardize their analytics reporting. With a want for deeper insight into the energy usage of their customers, the company decided Power BI would be a good choice for reporting. 

phData helped the client by overhauling their data ingestion pipeline by building a new pipeline with modern tools like:

  • dbt 
  • Feature Manipulation Engine (FME)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The phData data engineering team was able to create a pipeline that resolved the previous data issues and modernized the workflow. Alongside the pipeline ingestion, phData’s analytics team helped amplify the client’s reporting capabilities by creating a standardized template for the client to use to create future reports as well as convert old reports into the new template format. Additionally, a POC report was created to be used as a foundation for the client to improve and further customize. 

Lastly, phData consulted the client on Power BI best practices in addition to the implementation requirements for premium capacity, which would be accomplished at a later date when the client was ready to upgrade to that service level.

Why phData?

The customer chose to work with phData due to their experience in helping companies gain insight and knowledge into their data. The client knew they could look to phData to provide meaningful value that would help improve their business.


By the end of the project, the client was set up with a new pipeline for data ingestion which they can now use to get reliable and usable data. Additionally,  the client now has standardized Power BI reporting in place to help them create more modernized reports and keep a consistent feel and flow between reports. 

Finally, the client now has a roadmap for upgrading their Power BI service to a premium capacity. 

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