Snowflake Demand Forecasting on Snowpark Solution for Manufacturing

Unlocking next-generation predictive forecasts with Snowpark on Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud

Common Issues Facing Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies face some common problems when it comes to demand forecasting: 

Forecast Accuracy

Improve accuracy by leveraging predictors for legacy & new products. 

Inventory Control

Minimize costs, improve cash flow and boost profitability. 

Improved Logistics

Obtain cost efficiency through improved transportation planning. 

phData’s Demand Forecasting solution Snowflake pivots demand planning from an art to a science.

phData Demand Forecasting on Snowpark Manufacturing Solution

Our solution deploys Snowpark to create a demand forecasting solution to achieve real predictive value for your business.

Our Demand Forecasting on Snowpark Solution delivers the following:

  1. Snowpark Deployment
  2. Forecasting Model
  3. Feature Enriched Data Mart
Demand Forecasting on Snowpark

What Value to Expect From the Demand Forecasting on Snowpark Manufacturing Solution

Our solution will provide value in the following areas:


phData Demand Forecasting on Snowpark Manufacturing Solution Customer Story: Luxury Auto Manufacturer


A luxury auto manufacturer geared up to release it’s first ever electric model, but was heavily dependent on a manual, Excel-based approach to sales forecasting. 


phData’s data science team deployed our Demand Forecasting solution to create a model that uses data clustering, historical data, present-derived features and forecasts fora. multivariate time-series forecasting framework. 


By utilizing Snowflake as both the source of the input data and the destination for the output data, forecasting results at trim level are up to 50% more accurate than traditional models. 

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