Case Study

CRM Company Improves Data Pipeline While Implementing Robust Data Visualization

The Customer’s Challenge

The training enablement team of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company needed a way to monitor how internal training development translated to learning outcomes. They were struggling to make decisions due to low visibility of their training program as a whole. When attempting to gain insight, data had to be pulled manually which led to inconsistencies across teams.

phData’s Solution

The phData team implemented a Tableau Prep flow to create a new Tableau data source. This data source was then used to build a dashboard that allowed the customer to fill in the missing gaps of information for their training development program,  compare key metrics across teams, and quickly drill down the data.

The Full Story

A Fortune 500 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company had a robust internal training program, but little to no insight into how the development of training content translated into learning outcomes and usage. Any data available had to be pulled manually, which led to inconsistencies across departments and did not enable business leaders to see the training program holistically.

Specifically, the customer wanted to be able to see the following in a single Tableau dashboard:

  • Training content creation projects with their status and the effort involved to create the project
  • For finished projects, the number of learners who benefited from the learning activity
  • Average time for learners to complete the learning activity
  • Average CSAT score for each learning activity
  • The ability to compare all of the above across various teams
  • The ability to drill up and down across the training program lifecycle

Why phData?

The particular department with this need did not have a dedicated Tableau development resource to build this dashboard. The customer needed someone who could get up to speed with the data quickly, make recommendations on the best course of action using data visualization best practices, and create a solution that could answer all of their key questions. 

As a leader in the Tableau community, phData was well situated to tackle this problem. With the ultimate combination of thoughtfulness and efficiency, phData is accustomed to handling these data visualization projects in as little as four weeks. 

Adjusting on the Fly

Within the first week of the project, the phData team quickly realized that the customer did not have an existing data source to be able to answer all of their key questions. Part of what makes phData so effective is its ability to recognize situations like this quickly and adjust on the fly, all while communicating well with the customer. Both teams agreed that an analytics engineering solution was needed in order to create a new Tableau data source.

To create the best data source for the desired dashboard, phData created a Tableau Prep Flow that blended together seven of the customer’s existing data sources. The new data source was validated and scheduled within the Tableau server. While this additional work was not scoped at the start of the project, phData was able to adjust quickly, adding only one additional week to the project timeline.


The phData team created the Tableau Prep flow and a dashboard with two views that allow users to see the missing parts of their training development program–all within five weeks. As desired, the customer can now compare results across teams, and drill up or down to focus on certain parts of the training content lifecycle as questions arise. Best of all, stakeholders no longer have to pull data manually!

An example Tableau dashboard with dummy data that was used for the client engagement.
An example Tableau dashboard with dummy data that was used for the client engagement.

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