Case Study

Life Insurance Company Successfully Migrates from Cloudera to AWS

The Customer’s Challenge

A top-10 U.S. life insurance company was working through a multi-year migration of their on-premise data centers to AWS. The customer was looking for guidance and help to migrate their Hadoop environment to AWS. 

phData’s Solution

phData helped the customer successfully migrate from their on-premises Cloudera Hadoop environment to AWS. phData was instrumental in all phases of the migration including the planning, mobilization, and migration.

The Full Story

A major U.S. life insurance company had reached a turning point with its on-premise Cloudera environment. Their renewal period was approaching quickly, giving them two options: retire their legacy hardware or move to an AWS cloud environment.  

With the deadline approaching, the client pushed forward with AWS but needed a partner to help migrate their systems successfully and on time. Having worked with phData in the past, the life insurance company was confident in its partnership with phData to handle the migration on a tight schedule.

phData got to work immediately, working through three phases of the migration:

  • Plan
  • Mobilize
  • Migrate

In the planning phase, phData provided two options for migration. The first option was to lift and shift the Hadoop environment to AWS IaaS services. This didn’t help retire the Cloudera licenses but was the quickest and easiest approach. The second option was to replace Cloudera with Redshift. This required more migration work but allowed for the retirement of Cloudera. Wanting to retire Cloudera, the client chose the route of option two.

In the mobilization phase, phData did a PoV implementation of one of the datasets and proved out the migration methodologies and technologies of the migration. This proved successful and we moved the project into the mobilization phase.

During the final migration phase, phData scaled the migration development and moved the rest of the environments to AWS.


The migration resulted in two primary benefits, it migrated a large on-premise footprint to AWS and it retired Cloudera licenses.

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