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The phData Story

Founded in 2014 by three leading cloud engineers, phData focuses on solving real-world data engineering, operations, and advanced analytics problems with the best cloud platforms and products.

phData brings together the most talented data scientists, consultants, engineers, and architects for expert modern data stack and cloud services. From strategy to enablement to artificial intelligence, our team helps you get more value out of your data—whether it’s just connecting the dots or rewriting the book. With innovative customers in various industries and phData’s best practices in hand, our team loves taking on new challenges for you.

Combining our deep experience, skills, and expertise with our unrivaled automation in the phData Toolkit, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Where We Are

Globalized Delivery

phData evangelizes global delivery with data-centric professional service centers across the world. Exceptional talent resides on both our Americas and Asia teams. With a headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and flagship offices in Uruguay and India, we can address multiple markets, provide diverse perspectives, enhance customer support, mitigate risk, and drive increased operational efficiency on all our consulting engagements.

We employ top talent, regardless of where they live, from the United States to India to Latin America. In the LATAM region alone, we have employees in 6 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru, and Uruguay. In the US, we have exceptional talent in 39 states and counting. We make sure we can provide you with the best resources possible.


We help you…


Get help with your data strategy as you look to leverage a data lake and machine learning. Move quickly with cloud data engineering, consulting, and managed migrations. Get speed to insights from our analytics and business intelligence teams.

We get you moving toward where you want to be. 


Build your AI roadmap and use cases, get expert data science strategies, and build machine learning systems and applications. 

We open up your business to new opportunities.


Leave support and administration to the experts with Snowflake administration, Elastic Operations, and Elastic DataOps and MLOps. We enable your business to get the most from your data.

We give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. 

Who we work with

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We’ve helped a wide range of customers find success

Up for a challenge?

Founded by three Cloudera and Thomson Reuters alumni, phData is focused on building a culture that encourages employees to ask questions, take risks, and sharpen skills.

From actively living out our core values to openly encouraging learning and growth, it’s no wonder we’ve been named one of the best places to work.

Ready to grow your business with us? 

At phData, we’re not about technology for technology’s sake. We’re about helping our customers solve business problems with the best possible tech. 

Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

Accelerate and automate your data projects with the phData Toolkit