About Us


Founder’s Story: How We Got Started

In the fall of 2014, three former Thomson Reuters and Cloudera engineers made a bet that ‘big data’ and ‘cloud’ were more than lab projects, but rather pivotal shifts in the way software solved business problems. With the experiences and successes they had at two leading software companies, they embarked on a journey to help enterprises operate and successfully develop software on Hadoop and cloud. On this journey, they worked to build a culture where employees are empowered to ask questions, take risks, and give back to our communities.

phData at its core has always been centered on customer success via sustainable data engineering principals. phData’s Managed Service was born from the customer’s need to have world-class Big Data Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers supporting the platform 24/7. Successful projects simply can’t exist if the foundation is not strong.

phData’s Big Data Solution Architects and Data Engineers have created standards for solving problems on the platform, getting applications to production and providing 24/7 data ops. And not just any applications, but real-time data pipelines, business logic transformations, IoT connectivity, and machine learning models.

Our Core Values

phData-psychological-safetyPsychological Safety

Together, we create a climate where it’s safe to take risks and be vulnerable. This allows us to be creative, make a mistake, and speak up about ideas or ask questions without fear of being embarrassed or punished. Psychological safety leads to an environment that truly fosters learning, innovation, and teamwork.


A mixture of intense passion and intense perseverance. We take creative approaches to design solutions and are dedicated to following through until the problem is solved. Grit allows us to solve our customers’ hardest problems and deliver superior results.



A deep desire to understand our technology, each other, and our customers. We strive to learn technology at a deep, fundamental level. We strive to understand each other to build empathy. We strive to understand our customers and how to deliver the technical and business outcomes they need.



We are better as a whole than as individuals. We appreciate and bring together our different expertise, perspectives, and ideas to come up with better, more well-rounded solutions. We support, challenge and encourage each other along the journey.