Get analytics and machine learning
into production.

Build a data-driven future with end-to-end services to architect, deploy, and support machine learning and data analytics.

Our Services

phData has end-to-end services for machine learning and data analytics

Machine Learning

Full lifecycle services to help build, deploy, and support your operationalized machine learning at scale — powering the innovative automation and intelligence capabilities you need to stay competitive.

Data Engineering

Data engineering services for streaming, batch, and interactive data products, with best practices to build robust data pipelines and maintain a well-oiled CI/CD software development lifecycle.

Managed Data Platforms

Our experts handle infrastructure, cloudops, optimization, availability, data protection, and more — delivering the centralized, hydrated, and reliable platform that all machine learning and analytics depend on.

Organizations Are Building a Data-driven
Future with phData.

We bring machine learning and analytics initiatives to life:

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Ingest pipelines developed for a single customer using our open source data ingestion software.
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Projects conducted by our data engineering organization in the past 5 years.
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Average renewal rate for phData Managed Services, DataOps, and MLOps.

Invest in machine learning and data that delivers

Get projects into production

As the largest pure-play provider for data engineering and machine learning, we help ensure your data products succeed the first time and deliver value faster.

Engineer a foundation for the future

It’s not just data in our DNA; it’s engineering. We have the cloud and infrastructure know-how to help you iterate faster and better target solutions to meet business needs.

Tap the value of depth-over-breadth

Say goodbye to huge teams of generalists. Our smaller, specialized teams build faster, fail less, and automate more — delivering more value for lower costs.

Enforce secure, compliant innovation

Automating error-prone processes and standardizing technology-specific best practices helps keep your models and platforms secure, catalogued, and audited.

Be The Match and phData

We’re proud to work with Be The Match on the incredible work they do for patients and their families. HapLogic helps match patients with potential donors. We help service and support their data platform through system upgrades, security, and much more.

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