Empowering your teams to build successful data solutions themselves

Data Coach works directly with your teams to drive analytics-centric change. We provide leadership support through backlog curation, then focus on curated learning experiences and 1-1 coaching with your teams.  This ensures sustainable adoption of your data platform and tools–and drive organizational change through analytics.

This is not eLearning. Traditional eLearning programs have completion rates of ~5% and don’t work without a support program.

This is not a bootcamp. Bootcamps have high completion rates but are very expensive and have low retention and transfer of skills.

This is value added . Data Coach combines the flexibility of self-paced learning with the guidance and support of our experienced coaches, who keep learners engaged and drive the completion of courses to 80%+.

Data Coach provides the foundation for an organization to manage change effectively. We drive your team to use data to inform decision-making. Which can help your organization to be more responsive to change and adapt more quickly to new circumstances.


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of respondents reported return on investment from their training.

Time Savings

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of respondents reported time savings due to automation.

Cost Savings

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Respondents reported an estimated total savings per year through optimization and automation.

Net-new Revenue

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Respondents reported estimated net new revenue from new business insights.

Why Invest in Change Management, Enablement, and Learning Powered by Data Coach?

Our Data Coach Services

Community Services

We help create the rituals, routines, and ownership required to maintain a successful analytics community including community strategy, community events, and community forums.

Coaching Services

We ensure your users have direct access to technical expertise through 1-1 coaching to solve problems, get feedback, and remove blockers.

Learning Management

We offer a curated set of engaging learning plans combined with progress tracking, certification, and digital badging to help drive visibility to the analytics skills at your organization.

CoE Development Services

We work in collaboration with your business and IT leadership to stand up the people, process, and technology required to run a value-added Center of Excellence.

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Customer Case Study

CPG Enterprise Partners with phData & Data Coach

The CFO & CIO of a global consumer packaged goods company were looking to drive measurable value from their analytics platform.  They were consistently struggling with inefficiencies and low-quality reporting.

The phData and Data Coach teams partnered with the customer to develop an analytics enablement program. The new training program focused on enabling analytics within three competencies: agile project management, analytics, and data visualization best practices using Tableau.

Tools We Work With

We offer comprehensive training in Tableau Desktop that will help your team develop beautiful visuals, interactive dashboards, and compelling analytics.

Data Coach is now offering a transformative SQL course rooted in one of the industry’s leading cloud-based data warehousing tools: Snowflake. 

Our Data Coaches will enhance your team’s use of real-time data, advanced analytics, and interactive reporting with our Power BI coursework.

Sigma unlocks the value of data by delivering cloud-scale analytics and business intelligence with the simplicity of a spreadsheet, complete with pivot tables and dashboards.

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