Whitepapers and eBooks


Getting Started with Snowflake

Check out our best practices guide for launching your Snowflake platform to get the most out of the platform and deliver results back to the business.


Hadoop to Snowflake Migration Guide

Learn how to migrate from your existing Hadoop environments to the Snowflake Data Cloud with this detailed roadmap.


Hadoop to Snowflake Migration Checklist

This actionable checklist combines best practices and lessons learned to help you streamline your migration plan from Hadoop to Snowflake.


Oracle to Snowflake Migration Guide

Learn how to reduce the cost and operational burden of running licensed OLAP database systems on-premise, in favor of Snowflake.


Snowflake Role Hierarchy Best Practices Guide

Discover how to take advantage of Snowflake’s inheritance structure and create roles with business functions in mind to easily simplify your resources.


Four Signs You Need MLOps

Take a look at this eBook to identify ways that MLOps can standardize your ML processes and learn how to take a systematic approach to ML. 


Automating Infrastructure-As-Code For Data Projects

Learn how to adopt a Cloud 2.0 approach to implementing your data projects with phData’s Cloud Foundation tool. 


SAP ASE (Sybase) to Snowflake Migration Guide

Discover how to migrate from SAP ASE to Snowflake faster with confidence for a lower cost using phData’s automation and expertise.


AWS Reliability and Efficiency Checklist

Find out how much of the AWS platform you’re putting to use and how to reduce the strain on your resources due to its complexity.


SQL Server to Snowflake Migration Guide

Learn how phData’s automation, software, and record of successful migrations can help you accelerate your migration to Snowflake.


Hadoop to AWS Migration

Check out our strategy guide for implementing a successful migration from on-premise Hadoop to AWS Cloud Native services.


Snowflake Implementation Checklist

Review this list to see how you can maximize your investment in Snowflake while building your environment. 


Cloudera Reliability and Efficiency Checklist

Check to see how well you’re optimizing your Cloudera platform with this best practices checklist.


MySQL to Snowflake Migration Guide

Learn how to easily migrate from MySQL to Snowflake to reduce costs and operational complexity.


DB2 to Snowflake Migration Guide

This guide will help you to decide if migrating to Snowflake from DB2 is the right choice for you.

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