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Tap into phData’s unmatched dbt Labs experience to quicken your dbt success story.

Led by a team of expert dbt consultants, phData helps set up and configure your dbt projects. Our teams will use best practices to develop your data transformations, improve your transformation pipelines, and handle those pesky slowly changing dimensions—all while making sure the data is consumable by your data visualization tool of choice.

Whether you need help with data modeling and test-driven development, or CI/CD deployment automation, phData has expertise across the full dbt development lifecycle to help you reach your dbt goals, faster.

Additionally, we are passionate about coaching analytics engineering teams on using dbt (Core & Cloud). After every engagement, we’ll perform a knowledge transfer to ensure your data engineering team has the skills to be dbt experts.

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Accelerate your dbt success story with our guidance 

Data Strategy

Leverage our actionable data strategy to identify data sources and data products, build a roadmap and backlog of tasks for data to be transformed, and get prioritization of steps. 

Development Services

Design, build, and operationalize your dbt pipelines while following best practices to provide data that has been scrubbed from disparate sources and merged into an efficient and value-driven data model.

Data Transformation Modernization

Modernize your data transformation layer by implementing software development best practices to prevent the flawed and error-prone transformation from deploying into your production environment.

Build Data Culture

Build a robust data culture across your organization by letting our experts guide your business users, analysts, and executives through training, development, and support.

Connect Natively to Snowflake

dbt works incredibly well with the Snowflake Data Cloud. With phData’s expertise and deep partnership with Snowflake, your dbt transformations will be running in no time.

Want to learn more? Reach out to speak to a dbt expert. 

dbt Success Stories

Major Regional Bank

Experience how phData was able to help a major bank create automated, scalable pipelines for two pilot use cases within Snowflake in just 5 weeks.

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NextGen Healthcare

Learn how phData helped NextGen migrate their data to Snowflake, build a custom software solution, and enabled analytics and reporting for their customers.

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We love our dbt partnerships

Our proven dbt quick start pack is made of three pillars: 

Interested in learning more about dbt? We’ve got you covered.

Is dbt a Good Tool for Data Modeling?

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Beginners Guide to using dbt with Snowflake

In this beginner-friendly guide, we’ll show you how to set up dbt to connect with Snowflake using both dbt Core and dbt Cloud.

Data Vault Modeling Using dbt and Snowflake

In this approachable blog, you’ll discover how easy it is to implement a data vault model with dbt inside of Snowflake.

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Our dbt experts will provide you with dbt thought leadership to ensure your dbt instance becomes a powerful transformation tool for your organization.

Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

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