Teradata to Snowflake Migration

Teradata to Snowflake
A framework of processes and proprietary tools to make migration to Snowflake fast, painless, and cost-effective.
Migrating databases is a complex and highly technical undertaking — with long stretches of the process, such as SQL translation and data replication, that can also be repetitive and highly manual. Whether due to lack of expertise or lack of manpower, it’s easy for inexperienced staff to grow overwhelmed — resulting in developers and data scientists focusing on platform and application health, rather than the next use case. And ultimately, that leads to eroding trust in the migration and, ultimately, in the platform itself. At phData, we’ve helped customers with a wide range of workloads and use cases make the jump from Teradata to Snowflake. And from that experience, we’ve built a suite of proprietary tools and processes to make your migration as smooth and painless as possible — setting your Snowflake implementation to succeed from day one.

More automation = fewer migration headaches

phData Data Engineering

Migrate faster

Over years of doing Teradata migrations, we’ve developed automation and software such as SQLMorph, Cloud Foundation, and Tram, that allow us to accelerate your move to Snowflake.

phData Team Approach

Migrate with confidence

By eliminating highly manual, error-prone processes — such as translating SQL for Snowflake — our automation ensures consistent results, which in turn reduces errors and boosts confidence in the new platform. And with our experts behind you, bringing expertise from countless Teradata migrations, you know you’re in good hands.

Budget Friendly Approach

Migrate for lower cost

Our automation also reduces the overall costs of the migration. There’s no need to hire dozens of offshore engineers to translate all that SQL when you’ve got reliable software at your fingertips that can automate the entire process.

Service Offerings


Continuously replicate schema and data to Snowflake to offload variable workloads such as Data Science, ETL, and self-service reporting.


Migrate data, ingestion pipelines, ETL, and reporting to Snowflake and shut Teradata down.

Managed Services

24×7 monitoring, management, and administration for your Snowflake data pipelines.

Why Migrate to Snowflake with phData?

Snowflake is rapidly taking the enterprise data warehouse by storm. The ability to scale up and down along with the continuous innovation without long install, configuration, and upgrade cycles required by traditional packaged vendors is an attractive offering.

Variable workloads are Snowflakes differentiator:

Lowers Cost

Increased Scalability

Highest strength of security

Case Study: Teradata to Snowflake Migration

When a certain Pharmacy Benefits Manager (serving 27+ million members throughout the U.S.) found themselves facing increasingly destabilizing performance issues with their on-prem Teradata data warehouse, finding a solution was a top priority. They were looking to move to Snowflake; but it was a daunting complex and risky undertaking, which they lacked the skills for.

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