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Deploying a Platform

Deploying a data platform is not a “one-and-done” ordeal. Effective businesses prepare a future-proof data platform that supports potentially thousands of use cases, both known and unknown.

At phData, we don’t just set up your data platform for basic ELT and reporting, we ensure you have a platform your enterprise can perpetually grow into. Whether it’s setting up data ingestion & streaming, deploying operational & advanced analytics, or growing into artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can help you create a platform for today and the future.

As a Snowflake Elite Consulting Partner and the 2023 Partner of the Year, our expertise on the platform is unmatched. Our customers often come to us looking for help with migrations, platform management, automation needs and machine learning foundations.

But they end up receiving much more. Our solution-centric, consultative engagements result in a clear and scalable strategy to implement, operationalize and maximize your organization’s data on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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Discover the advantage expert Snowflake consulting brings to your organization

Data Strategy

With an actionable data strategy, you’ll be ready to implement an operational Snowflake platform and execute your data pipelines.

Migration to Snowflake

Modernize your data platform with templated migrations that eliminate mistakes and minimize costs.

Snowflake Data Engineering

Design, build, and operationalize hundreds of data products on your platform with the help of Snowflake certified professionals.

Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations

Get security, monitoring, and support for your Snowflake platform with a team of Snowflake experts and strategic automation. 

Snowflake ML Engineering

Get the expertise you need to deliver data science, model serving, and operations to effectively deploy robust models.

Snowpark MVP

In just 4 weeks, we’ll help you capitalize on the power of Snowflake by delivering a minimally viable application that runs on Snowpark.

We love our Snowflake partnerships

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Snowflake success stories

Oracle to Snowflake Migration 

Explore how a large medical device company successfully moved their data from Oracle to Snowflake, creating a more unified process to derive better value from their data.

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Centralized Existing Data

In this case study, phData helped a major mortgage lender centralize their existing data in Snowflake, empowering them to leverage their data to convert more leads into revenue.

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Snowflake and Machine Learning

Discover how a luxury automaker achieved more accurate sales forecasting by utilizing the Snowflake Data Cloud and a custom-built machine learning framework from phData.

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Our recipe for Snowflake Platform success is built on three pillars:

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Snowflake Implementation Checklist

Discover how you can maximize your investment in Snowflake while building your environment.

Snowflake Best Practices Guide

Our most downloaded content. It’s the ultimate guide to launching your Snowflake platform. 

How To Control and Estimate Costs With Snowflake​

Learn how to alleviate cost concerns and take an efficient approach to the platform.

I am consistently impressed with how phData manages to balance a visionary mindset with the realities of project delivery. phData has built a solid reputation within Snowflake for delivering innovative solutions that really move the needle for our customers, and in record time.

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