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What is Generative AI and How Does phData Help?

Generative AI is a fast-growing subfield of AI and Machine Learning dedicated to algorithms (such as ChatGPT and DALL-E) that can be used to create new content, including text, code,  images, audio, video, and simulations based on natural-language prompts.  Within the space of Generative AI sit Large Language Models (LLMs) which are powerful for text and code generation models, often with conversational (chat) interfaces, but also highly effective for processing unstructured textual data.  The power of Generative AI and LLMs has created opportunities to build next-generation AI applications that maximize the value of both structured and unstructured data in the enterprise.

What Can You Accomplish With Generative AI?

Generation of text and images

Generative AI can produce text that reads like a human wrote it and images that appear to be life-like.  AI applications can be leveraged to automate common tasks in sales and marketing, as we’ve shown with our email personalization demo.

Processing of unstructured data

Large Language Models (LLMs), the most popular application of Generative AI, are primarily designed to generate text.  But those algorithms have also been shown to be powerful for natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU). LLMs have proven to show top performance for many use cases, such as sentiment analysis, summarization, entity recognition, and critique.

Intelligent agents and applications

Generation, NLP, and NLU can be combined to build  multi-step applications, pipelines, logic chains, and agents.  This allows organizations to build cutting-edge solutions for conversational agents (e.g. chatbots that take action
or talk to your data), knowledge search/retrieval, translation, and document processing.

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Perhaps the best phrasing is, “what could AI be worth to your business?”, but with technologies like chatGPT that cost eye-watering hundred-million-dollar amounts, it is a fair concern. Our AI strategy is to start simple, motivate complexity, and prove value at every stage. Our initial strategy services are a great launch pad for every organization, costing just $30-75k. Initial development projects usually run in the range of $80-450k.

Generative AI applications and architectures vary greatly, but the common thread across all is the ability to generate unstructured output based on learned examples of past behavior.  Generative AI algorithms are trained to calculate new outputs from previously unseen input, with applications in text, images, audio, or other unstructured data.  Successful initiatives depend on well-curated datasets for model training, tuning, or validation.

For more information, check out our blog post on building a foundation for Enterprise AI.

Right out of the box, Generative AI can be unwieldy and lead to undesired results, such as hallucinations and bad behavior (e.g. hate speech). But with the right tuning, context, and guardrails, Generative AI can be harnessed to deliver powerful outcomes. The key is to design systems for observability and evaluations built-in to provide checks and balances on AI performance and behavior.

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