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Putting AI into Production

Generative AI is transforming the way enterprises create and process unstructured data, including text, code,  images, audio, and video.  The rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) like Arctic, Llama 3, and ChatGPT is creating new ways for enterprises to interact with AI applications through natural language (chat) interfaces.  

phData brings industry-leading expertise to help you build and deploy your next-generation AI applications.

AI & Data Strategy

AI readiness starts with sound data strategy. phData can ensure your organization is ready to make the most of your data and help create a roadmap for a successful AI adoption within 4-8 weeks.

Build and operate your MLOps platform

phData’s ML Engineers can help design, build, and manage your AI & MLOps platform on top of Snowflake and the Modern Data Stack.

Develop AI applications

Our teams of data scientists, ML engineers, data engineers, and analytics consultants have the breadth of experience necessary to advance AI initiatives at any point on the AI readiness journey.

Art of the Possible

What Can You Accomplish With Generative AI?

Personalization and Content Generation

Generative AI capabilities automate or streamline content authorship and tailor messaging for individuals or curated audiences. When used in this capacity, we’ve seen AI increase operational efficiency and create better experiences for customers. 

Document Language Processing

LLMs excel at extracting insights from unstructured data. We’ve worked with our clients to build intelligent processing pipelines for documents, automating manual tasks, and yielding substantial operational savings.

Accelerate Business Processes

LLMs are incredibly powerful at making decisions based on historical patterns and other relevant data.  We work with clients to create applications that accelerate business processes by automating mundane data retrieval or reporting tasks, allowing users to focus on high-value tasks and increasing productivity.

Intelligent Assistants

Context-aware chatbots are revolutionizing the way organizations support their teams and disseminate information. We’ve built chatbot solutions to support many business functions, such as IT support, HR policies, and procurement processes.

Workflow Automation

Generative AI is extremely powerful for automating time-consuming workflows. We’ve successfully applied AI to automate document processing, data entry, demand planning, and more.

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Taking the First Steps Toward Enterprise AI

How to Implement a Successful AI Strategy for Your Company

How to Talk to Your Data with ChatGPT, Snowflake, & dbt

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Generative AI applications and architectures vary greatly, but the common thread across all is the ability to generate unstructured output based on learned examples of past behavior.  Generative AI algorithms are trained to calculate new outputs from previously unseen input, with applications in text, images, audio, or other unstructured data.  Successful initiatives depend on well-curated datasets for model training, tuning, or validation. 

For more information, check out our blog post on building a foundation for Enterprise AI.

Right out of the box, Generative AI can be unwieldy and lead to undesired results, such as hallucinations and bad behavior (e.g., hate speech).  But with the proper tuning, context, and guardrails, Generative AI can be harnessed to deliver powerful outcomes.  The key is to design systems for observability and evaluations built-in to provide checks and balances on AI performance and behavior.

Perhaps the best phrasing is, “What could AI be worth to your business?” but with technologies like ChatGPT that cost eye-watering hundred-million-dollar amounts, it is a fair concern. Our AI strategy is to start simple, motivate complexity, and prove value at every stage. Our initial strategy services are a great launch pad for every organization, costing just $30-75k.  Initial development projects usually run in the range of $80-450k.

Success Story

IT Chat Assistant with LLM and RAG

Customer's Challenge

Large fast food restaurant needed a conversational natural-language interface to service the IT needs across its network of 2,600 restaurants nationwide

phData's Solution

phData built an LLM-based chat interface by hosting open-source language models on cloud infrastructure. Retrieval-augmented Generation (RAG) was used to prevent hallucination and tailor chat responses based on enterprise-specific knowledge from IT support documentation. 


LLMs deployed behind an interchangeable interface
IT service documents vector-encoded for retrieval
Faster resolutions for common IT questions

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