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Data and analytics services for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Building healthcare data products is challenging due to disparate systems and data hierarchies that are common across various healthcare disciplines. While there are industry data standards, the reality is they only provide broad interchange definitions. Data models are not standardized and require a massive effort to derive value. 

phData brings together a proven architecture, scalable solutions, and industry expertise to repeatedly help healthcare providers extract more value from their data.

How we help drive better results with data and analytics for the Healthcare industry

Process HL7, FHIR, and EHR Data

Put our years of experience processing healthcare data at scale to the test. No matter the format, phData can optimize the ingestion, transformation, and curation of your data. Our proven approach allows for custom data flows to be standardized and operationalized.

Application of AI and ML to Healthcare

Determining the proper machine learning models that apply to problem domains can be challenging in healthcare due to the need to provide verifiability of the outcomes. The phData MLOps team will ensure that all components of your machine learning process are versioned and recreatable. 

Perform Advanced Analytics in a Regulated Industry

We’ve developed our approach with the most advanced data and analytics platforms and best practices in mind. Having helped deploy thousands of data product use cases, rest assured that proper governance is built into the metadata-driven development process, assuring HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR compliance.

Assess and Improve Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity

We don’t just build data products, we ensure that you feel supported in maintaining them after the project ends. We work to foster a culture around data that will enable you to continuously drive value from your data.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences areas of expertise

Commercial Analytics

Combine data sources ranging from managed care to trade & contracting to market research to improve the effectiveness of commercial offerings through sales optimization, converting prescribers/patients, and improving product differentiation.

Member 360/Customer 360

Develop longitudinal views of patients/members using industry-proven data models and practices using data sources like HL7, FHIR, and EHR.

Scalable Data Sharing

Get the right data to the right people at the right time. phData helps you enable healthcare data sharing to your services vendors with permissions and governance baked in.

Health Plan Quality Reporting

Unlock more value from your data by leveraging our full-service Healthcare and Life Sciences data and analytics expertise that follow modern data practices.

Got Healthcare and Life Sciences industry questions? We've got answers.

Our teams have experience in datasets and terminology across a broad range of payer, provider, and research domains, including  HL7, FHIR, OMOP,  as well as EDI and claims data models.

phData has deep experience and expertise in Alteryx, KNIME, Tableau Prep, Power Platform, Matillion, Tableau CRM, DBT, Python, and R.

Because of the breadth of capabilities analytics projects can enable, no two projects are alike. Pilots or POC projects can start as low as $20,000 – $30,000. That price will vary based on the complexity of the use case.

What we can help you with in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

We’ll meet you where you are on your data and analytics journey. With expertise across the entire data and analytics lifecycle—from strategy to implementation—our teams can help you make sense of your data and use it to solve healthcare’s most complex business data and analytics problems.

Converting HL7 Data into Value

HL7 messages contain a trove of value-driving insights but very few healthcare organizations have the capabilities to realize this potential. phData helps by transforming HL7 messages from lines of text to valuable insights.

Save Time

Bring a new level of visibility to your utilization, operations, and wait times across departments, nursing units, and call centers. With resources at a premium, phData will help you save time by creating dashboards to spot trends before they adversely affect operations.

Save Money

phData will help your business save (and make) money by leveraging data to maximize margins in an ever-evolving landscape. Our approach will help you stay ahead of changes to reimbursement models and achieve quality objectives.

Save Lives

The power of data engineering is empowering clinicians like never before by advising them of adverse alerts at the bedside, making medicine individualized, and using genetic sequencing to inform the care patients receive. phData will help your organization wield the power of data to save lives.

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