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As an AWS Advanced Partner, our unmatched expertise with AWS means we are laser-focused on helping our customers build better data analytics and machine learning solutions in the cloud. 

We aim to help you leverage AWS for innovation, agility, cost savings, and operational efficiency as your business grows. We’ll help you define what success looks like and then outline a clear path for how to get there – all while providing education and best practices along the way.

Our AWS Services

Legacy Migrations to AWS

phData is the industry leader in migrating on-premise Hadoop clusters to AWS. Our prescriptive and automated approach ensures you meet timelines and achieve your objectives.

Lake House Implementation

Spend less time and effort administering and storing your data. Let the experts from phData guide the implementation and configuration support of your lake house architectures. 

Machine Learning Enablement

phData leverages reference implementations of machine learning discovery, feature store, and productionalization to quickly get models from concept to production.

AWS Cloud DataOps

Save 45 percent (on average) of your platform administration costs by utilizing phData to provide 24×7 system monitoring, improvements, management, and AWS administrator tasks. 

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Accelerate Your Project

On paper, phData is a strategic AWS partner. In reality, we are your trusted sidekick, truly committed to helping your business get more value from AWS.  phData has a prebuilt infrastructure with proven success.

Quicker time to value

Don’t spend time reinventing the wheel. Start from a place of confidence. We include all code in the engagement so that you’re not left holding the bag on proprietary solutions.

Investment with immediate impact

Our team will evaluate the use case and chart a course for success, optimize the data, drive insights and prepare models to change how businesses derive value from their data, and communicate, coordinate and celebrate the team’s progress and success.

Process & Procedures

With AWS, you can achieve value incrementally, use case by use case. You’re no longer required to do big bang platforms and hope for success. 

Success Stories

Machine Learning on AWS

Uncover how phData helped a top-5 restaurant chain get machine learning models into production faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

On-Prem to the Cloud

Learn how a global insurance company saved over $1M in licensing fees by migrating their on-prem data environment to an AWS cloud-based platform.

Cloudera to AWS

Discover how phData helped a top-10 U.S. life insurance company migrate from Cloudera to Amazon EMR, better positioning them for growth and scale.

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