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Cloudera CDP Migration accelerated by phData.

We are honored to be awarded Cloudera's 2020 North American Partner of the Year!

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Migrating to CDP allows you to unlock cloud-native, adaptive scaling features while driving business value and standardizing on platform technologies. To be successful, a migration strategy must identify how your platform and workloads will need to adapt to the new environment. Once this is defined phData will help you leverage tooling and automation to accelerate the migration process.

Cloud Native

Platform and workload philosophy shift to decouple storage and compute

Workload Elasticity

Pay for what you use


Isolate and burst workloads to meet business SLAs

Two steps to get started with CDP

Cloud Data

1. Cloud Native Assessment

phData Managed Services

2. CDP Migration

Cloudera Data Platform: Migration Factory

phData’s migration factory helps you navigate the complexities of migrating from Cloudera and Hortonworks environments to CDP. This is accomplished by combining automation, tooling, and best practices with industry knowledge to deliver value every step of the way, ensuring you are set up for long term success.

Platform Confidence

phData Managed Services brings automation, best practices, and expertise to ensure 24×7 stability and availability, offloading the burden of platform support.

Workload Standardization

Development teams follow different standards making it hard to iterate on previous success, phData solves this by introducing repeatable patterns to scale future projects, reducing the time to value.

Speed and Scale

New technologies bring new challenges, phData’s experience with cloud-native philosophy accelerates your projects success.

Fast Track Migration

Our tooling is designed for on-prem deployments as well as with the cloud in mind and will speed up your migration and adoption of CDP.

CDP Management

Deploy mission critical applications with confidence on top of CDP. Managed by the leading experts in the field, we help you unlock the full capabilities of cloud scale and let you focus on delivering business value.
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