Case Study

Premier Automotive Lender Enhances Analytics and Trust with Snowflake Migration

The Customer’s Challenge

A prominent automotive lender faced the daunting challenge of having data scattered across its business operations, significantly undermining trust in its data. Eager to address this issue and instill confidence in its data analytics, the client needed to move from its outdated Teradata environment to a cloud-based data platform that would be a single source of truth for its data.

phData’s Solution

phData created a comprehensive migration strategy that leveraged the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud as the new data platform and incorporated modern tools like Fivetran for data extraction, dbt for data transformation, Azure Data Factory (ADF) for data integration, and Power BI for dashboard creation and reporting. The client now has a single place for its data to live and has regained trust in its data.

The Full Story

As a leading automotive lender, the client specializes in providing swift decision-making and innovative solutions that keep up with the dynamic demands of the industry. Their technology and systems are designed to reduce paperwork and streamline the application process for its customers. 

However, the scattered data across various legacy systems, particularly Teradata, posed a significant challenge. The multiple sources of data resulted in a lack of trust across different business units, hindering their ability to leverage their data for impactful decision-making efficiently. 

The client knew they had to move to a modern data environment in order to continue innovating. 

phData was tasked with finding the ideal solution for the automotive lender to migrate to. Based on the customer’s goals and unique business needs, phData recommended Snowflake as the data platform of choice. Once the decision was made, phData began work on moving their legacy Teradata environment to Snowflake.

Why phData?

The client chose phData due to our expertise in Snowflake and other leading data and analytics platforms. Additionally, our extensive experience in on-premise to cloud migrations and our ability to craft insightful dashboards made the decision very easy.

Leveraging the modern data stack to migrate to Snowflake

By utilizing Fivetran, we were able to automate data extraction, ensuring an efficient data transition to the Snowflake platform. dbt was then used to transform the data, enabling it to be structured and interpreted effectively for insightful analytics.

Meanwhile, Azure Data Factory was utilized for seamless data integration, ensuring that all relevant data was incorporated into the Snowflake platform. Lastly, Power BI was harnessed to create compelling dashboards and generate reports, providing the client with clear and insightful data visualizations.


As a result of our successful migration to Snowflake, the client has experienced significant improvements in their data analysis capabilities. They now have reliable data models, insightful dashboards, and accurate reports, which have led to increased trust in the data across the organization.

With the legacy systems successfully migrated to Snowflake, our client now enjoys streamlined analytics and a robust data platform that is positioned to support their continuous growth and innovation in the automotive lending industry. 

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