Case Study

Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain Builds Analytics Solution in Alteryx to Improve Compliance

The Customer’s Challenge

A fast-casual restaurant chain was looking for a way to decrease the development time needed to build an analytical tool that would assist their compliance team with new regulations in their stores. They had support from their IT team and a robust group of developers; however, the agile process and extensive QA would require months of development.

phData’s Solution

The phData analytics team developed a solution in Alteryx that generated the required KPIs and reports for the compliance team. The initial build took only a fraction of the time and included documentation and immediate action items for the team to remain compliant with local laws and regulations.

The solution was delivered in just four weeks and generates email reports notifying store managers of immediate action required on their part.

The Full Story

The first iteration of the project took three-weeks. This iteration included multiple regions in the client’s market. Although there are different laws and regulations in each region, the ability to build different workstreams in a single Alteryx process allowed the phData team to develop a dynamic and flexible process.

After the first iteration, the compliance team highlighted the need to expand the Alteryx solution to other regions and stores. Again, our team developed extended workstreams from the initial iteration to provide insight to the compliance team on these additional locations.

After qualifying that the Alteryx process was complete and correct, the client decided that the Alteryx solution allowed for quicker development, detailed documentation, and flexibility. Therefore, the client accepted the Alteryx solution as the official solution for this compliance analytic process.

Why phData?

phData’s wide range of expertise on self-service analytic platforms initially attracted the client. The case was strengthened when phData’s expert Alteryx Artisans offered to deliver a solution within the required parameters with the already purchased resources. 

Unexpected Roadblocks

The main challenge our team faced during the development was aligning the legal requirements with the reporting solution. In this case, different regions challenged the client with collecting data from their employees, and meeting the specific regulatory requirements.

Sometimes analytical processes and data extend further than the relationship between the business (need) and the developer. In this case, the relationship to build a working solution required the feedback of lawyers and compliance professionals. In the past, the legal team and analytics team worked in siloed and separated departments that barely coincided and interacted with each other. 

phData helped educate the client on the importance of sharing data and ultimately established trust across the business. With a clear line of sight into the greater goal, the client was able to work cross-functionally to remain compliant with laws and regulations, keep their teams busy, and discover new insights in daily operations. 


Initially the project would be replaced with an official developed, coded, and qualified solution. However, the client was surprised with phData’s ability to integrate flexibility, complexity, audit capabilities, and documentation in the Alteryx solution delivered. 

The client’s decision to deploy the Alteryx workflow on a newly purchased instance of Alteryx Gallery was enough to conclude that the project was a success.

phData is excited to continue enhancing relationships between different departments at our clients and provide quick and successful analytical solutions.

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