Elastic Operations

Managed Services for the Modern Data & AI Platform

Elastic Operations

Elastic Operations is a flexible and specialized managed service team focused exclusively on running & automating the operations of your data infrastructure.

This service delivers immediate expertise in modern data stack best practices, security, and workload optimization, along with change and incident support.


Why Leverage phData?

phData combines Elastic Operations service with our Operational Maturity Framework (OMF), which clearly identifies critical areas to prioritize and focus on. Our industry experts conduct quarterly assessments to ensure your data & AI platform is secure and operating at a high level. 

To provide the backbone for an automated data platform that leverages the modern software development lifecycle and continuous development best practices to readily scale with business demands, the phData Toolkit

  • Gives platform operators the right information to ensure the configuration, security, performance, and efficiency of their Snowflake environments

  • Solves the almost universal ‘slow onboarding problem’ by providing a flexible, auditable, efficient, and secure process to onboard new projects and users into the data platform securely

  • Creates powerful visualizations and reporting to facilitate Snowflake data access, auditing, and troubleshooting

With our usage-based pricing model, you only pay for what you use, ensuring cost-effectiveness and maximizing your return on investment.  Consider phData as an extension of your team!

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Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations

Get the most out of your Snowflake investment with our expert platform governance & security, monitoring, and support for your entire Snowflake data platform. Accelerate the growth, maturity, and trust of your data platform as you achieve operational excellence.

Elastic Data Operations

Our dedicated team ensures precise and efficient management of your organization’s data activities. We automate data pipelines, optimize costs, and prioritize data governance for compliance and protection.

Elastic MLOps
(Machine Learning Operations)

Our MLOps Engineering team enables efficient design, deployment, and management of scalable machine learning systems. We provide comprehensive support for ML pipelines, code deployment, and cost optimization.

Elastic Analytics Operations

Our Analytics Operations team optimizes BI and analytics platforms for performance and cost efficiency. We offer bug fixing, dashboard enhancements, user onboarding, and community development to enhance user experiences and unlock insights.

Elastic Operation Features

What's Included?

Running into capacity or capability limits within your data & AI platform blocks substantive progress. To help eliminate roadblocks, phData created the Elastic Operations offering. By tapping into our widely-versed team of experts, you’ll have the support, capabilities, and expertise you need to keep your operations moving forward. Here are some of our most widely utilized features.

phData's Elastic Operations Offerings Are Trusted By


phData has been for many years a trusted partner, both on run & maintain activities and complex cloud data projects. phData goes the extra-mile when needed and makes our life easier.

Real Solutions

Addressing the Common Challenges

At phData, we center our Elastic Operations solution deliverables directly around the most common and costly challenges our customers face.

Whether its expertise gap, with difficulty recruiting & retain resources, high-risk and delay delivery through manual processes, access and audit issues through inconsistent security practices, are over-provisioning and misconfigured workloads leading to budgetary overspend, phData has seen these issues and has proactive solutions to these common challenges.

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