Elastic Operations

Extend your team with the expertise necessary to operate and scale your modern data platform

Why leverage Elastic Operations from phData?

As your business propels deeper into becoming a modern data-driven organization, you’ll likely get bogged down with security, use case onboarding, monitoring, and support tasks along the way. At phData, we understand how these factors can slow or even prevent organizations from scaling to their true potential. 

To help you consistently reach operational excellence in DataOps, MLOps, and Snowflake, we’ve developed a flexible set of Elastic Operations that will reliably keep your systems performing at the highest levels, freeing your team to focus on projects that drive value. 

With our usage-based pricing, you only pay for what you use. Think of phData as an extension of your team that you can tap into whenever you need help most. 

Learn more about our different Elastic Operations offerings

Lean on our expertise to help architect, operate, automate, and support your data platform to meet the needs of your customers.

 Get the most out of your Snowflake investment with our expert security, monitoring, and support for your Snowflake platform.

Let our experts do the heavy lifting, offload your ML platform to phData so your talented teams can pursue innovation without interruption.

Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE provides a hybrid team of operations specialists to support and integrate Dataiku for your organization.

What does Elastic Operations cover at phData?

Running into capacity or capability limits within your data platform has a nasty tendency to block true progress. To help eliminate this roadblock, we created our Elastic Operations offering. By tapping into our widely versed team of experts, you’ll have the support, capabilities, and expertise you need to keep your operations moving forward. Listed below are a few of our most widely used Elastic Operations:

Platform governance & security – Keeping your modern data platform secure and well-governed is key to your long-term success. We bring our industry hardened expertise to improve your security while making the platform accessible for your users.

Continuous monitoring & support  – Sleep better knowing your platform is continuously monitored and supported. We are constantly improving our custom monitoring solutions to spot trouble before it happens. Our team of experts are trained and ready to act quickly when it does, 24x7x365.

Expert recommendations – We never shy away from offering helpful recommendations. Whether it’s a life hack, automation tips, advice on warehouse sizing and performance, or simply ways to cut costs, we’re invested in your success.

Architecture – Give your developers, engineers, and data scientists more time to focus on value-driving tasks while we take care of manual tasks like creating lasting information architectures for organizing your data.

phData has been for many years a trusted partner, both on run & maintain activities and complex cloud data projects. phData goes the extra-mile when needed and makes our life easier.

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