Case Study

Prominent Regional Bank Boosts Analytics & Saves $70K with Alteryx & phData

The Customer’s Challenge

A leading regional bank was spending over $100K annually just to send its data to a third party for monthly household reporting. Dissatisfied with the high costs and frequent delays, the bank sought a more efficient solution.

phData’s Solution

By leveraging the Experian Data package from Alteryx, phData helped the client move its data in-house and create more up-to-date reports about households, saving over 70K from third-party vendor costs and expediting the process by four days.

The Full Story

Getting household data for customers can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. Most companies rely on third-party service providers to get this data, and they typically send the client’s information to do so, generating possible security issues. 

By using Alteryx and the Experian dataset, phData’s team was able to enrich the dataset for customers’ accounts by adding household information. Additionally, by having a fuzzy match applied to the customers’ names, the workflow was able to generate more reliable results by removing duplicate names and concatenating data for customers in the same household.

This automation helped considerably with regulatory obligations, as the workflow was well-documented and easy to understand. This also enabled the company to perform more robust data analysis, including checking the Churn of clients in the same house. 

With an annual savings of 70K, the regional bank invested more in Alteryx licenses to promote its usage to other employees.

Why phData?

phData’s wide range of expertise on self-service analytic platforms initially attracted the client but the case was strengthened tenfold when phData’s expert Alteryx artisans offered to deliver a solution within the required parameters with the already purchased resources


phData cut the month-end close processing by four days while simultaneously saving the department 70K in third-party vendor costs.  Furthermore, the process was finally simple to explain, easy to share results quickly, and offered a centralized location for analytics.

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