Platform Efficiency

Snowflake Cost Optimization

Optimize Your Snowflake Investment

Cost Governance At Enterprise Scale

Snowflake’s innovative pricing approach ensures that customers only pay for what they use. This, along with their commitment to continuous innovation in data management, has made Snowflake the go-to choice for organizations. To maximize the value of your investment, effective financial accountability demands a dedicated team within the organization.

The most effective approach for optimization is the 
Snowflake FinOps Framework:

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Pacific Life
National Instruments
Ingersoll Rand

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Monitoring to ensure long-term success

At phData, we believe that a successful approach involves regularly assessing needs, implementing solutions, and measuring results.

Improve Performance

Our extensive experience in helping hundreds of customers from diverse industries has led us to develop a series of automation software and tooling that can identify opportunities to improve the performance, security, and cost-efficiency of your Snowflake environment.

Boost ROI

Sustained cost control, informed budget allocation, and maximized ROI through continuous monitoring, resource allocation efficiency, and informed workload investments

Expert Hands-On Guidance

Our 24/7 team of experts manages and automates your data infrastructure to ensure long-term success. We continuously monitor and tune the pipeline to prevent issues and eliminate overruns.

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