Case Study

Premier Global Title Services Company Migrates to Snowflake to Streamline Operations & Optimize Growth


Customer's Challenge

A top global title insurance company grappled with data integration after multiple acquisitions. Aiming to centralize data and streamline costs, they considered transitioning from on-premises SQL to Azure but were uncertain about selecting the Snowflake Data Cloud as its cloud-based data warehouse. Seeking expert guidance, they turned to phData.

phData's Solution

To meet the client’s specific data needs, phData conducted a detailed cost and technology comparison of Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Azure SQL DB, and AWS Redshift. After evaluating each platform’s alignment with the client’s data strategy, they chose Snowflake. With the assistance of phData and the phData Toolkit, the transition was seamless, cost-effective, and optimized for platform performance


Over nine months, phData expertly transferred the client’s data to Snowflake on the Azure platform, resulting in cost savings and more efficient use of the platform. Our collaboration led to better search capabilities and the successful integration of data across several databases. 

Additionally, the newly implemented centralized system will significantly boost their data capabilities and aid in the client’s continued growth and success as they uncover new and valuable customer insights from their own data.

The Full Story

As one of the industry’s largest global title insurance companies and underwriters, the customers’ commitment to becoming the premier real estate services company led to tremendous growth via a series of acquisitions. As their organization grew, integrating data across multiple siloed databases resulted in substantial challenges. 

The client was considering moving their SQL from an on-premises location to a cloud-based data warehouse, but they needed help choosing a technology partner for their specific needs. They contacted phData’s team of experts to learn about Snowflake and to provide support and guidance.

phData began engaging with the team at the global insurance company alongside representatives from Snowflake, who assisted in outlining a plan for the data migration project. Our team conducted a series of collaborative meetings with the client to better understand their unique requirements and needs. 

We then created a comprehensive table comparing Snowflake’s technology and cost with Azure Synapse, Azure SQL DB, and AWS Redshift. This allowed the client’s team to fully comprehend the unique benefits of Snowflake and how it can effectively meet their specific requirements while delivering significant business value.

Additionally, phData provided them with the knowledge to calculate the annual cost of operations and coached their team on better understanding the Snowflake ecosystem. Part of this process included introducing them to the phData Toolkit that details how to best manage and understand their Snowflake account. These efforts instilled confidence in the client’s decision to move forward with a migration to Snowflake.

Lastly, this project involved building a centralized platform that hosted starter file metadata, established a universal schema, identified viable systems, built routines for continuous updates, and created transformations for starter document metadata. The scope of the project included creating the centralized system, including the national assessor database, harvesting starter files from in-scope systems, and continuously updating the database with newly issued starter document metadata.

Why phData?

phData, a recognized leader with Snowflake and recipient of Snowflake’s Partner of the Year award for 2022 and 2023, was the clear choice to entrust with the migration.

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