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SAP Analytics on Snowflake Solution

Boost Operational Efficiency

Running enterprise-scale analytics with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data from SAP is challenging. Luckily, phData has a solution to help.

By integrating SAP ERP data onto Snowflake via SNP, clients can improve analytical workloads that reduce costs, enable workload elasticity, democratize data, and scale data security, all while creating a more simplified and enterprise-ready platform. 

Combining ERP data with Snowflake gives enterprises better operational efficiency and workload elasticity, simplifying data access, and ensuring reliable security.

Business Benefits

Landing ERP data on Snowflake unlocks significant business value for our clients by enabling analytical workloads.

phData’s SAP Analytics Services Are Trusted by

Fortune Brands
Imperial Supplies

A Cross-Functional Team of
Subject Matter Experts

Our strategic partnership means we can support our customers by enabling near real-time analytics workloads on Snowflake.


Snowflake RSA program provides guidance on architecture & design, MVP prototyping, risk mitigation, best practices, and technical oversights.


SNP is the SAP authority on data integration into Snowflake and is the overall SAP domain subject matter expert. 


Focus on data model creation and templates for repeatability. Supporting development of analytics use cases and data applications.


Direct Spending MVP

A multibillion-dollar conglomerate enterprise was unable to analyze direct spend data across their disparate business units, so phData designed a data vault solution allowing the customer to collect data from their various business units into a centralized data warehouse.  phData then wrote integration code to ingest source data into the new data vault.

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