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With unmatched Sigma experience and expertise, we’ll help you confidently assess your data landscape, drive systems integrations, develop data-driven analytics, and provide your users with leading Sigma training.

Led by a team of expert Sigma Computing consultants, phData will set up your new Sigma instance and help you connect Sigma to your existing Snowflake environment. Our teams will use best practices to develop best-in-class visualizations and ensure your end users are provided with the data needed to gain insights at much quicker rates than using traditional spreadsheets.

phData will also provide dedicated 1 on 1 support to your team to ensure an efficient and robust handoff, and to make sure your users become the next wave of experts with Sigma.

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Cloud Scale Analytics

Sigma provides live, immediate updates for your data. We’ll help ensure that no matter if your organization updates its data every minute or every day, your visualizations in Sigma will always be up to date.

Data Democratization

From C-Suite employees to junior analysts, Sigma provides access to data based on the user’s credentials and profile. We partner closely with Sigma and your organization to ensure all of the right users access the data they need.

Quick Analytics

Visualizations can be made quickly in Sigma. Our teams will connect to your data source, identify the metrics you are interested in, and build value-driving visualizations that your organization will love and use in Sigma.

Fully Managed Service

There is no server to manage with Sigma and no prep flows to run. And we make it easy on you on the implementation side. The only thing you need is a data source like Snowflake and we are off and running.

Connect Natively to Snowflake

Sigma works incredibly well with Snowflake. With phData’s expertise and deep partnership with Snowflake, your Sigma instance will be spun up in no time.

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Our proven Sigma quick start pack is made of five pillars:

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Our Sigma experts will provide you with thought leadership to ensure your Sigma instance becomes a powerful business intelligence tool for your organization.

Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.