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The demands of and for data in modern organizations require a new approach to analytics. Sigma is creating that future by empowering everyone at organizations of all sizes to explore and interact with data. 

At phData, we aim to empower all users to find answers and explore insights with data. Our Sigma services partner with everyone in your organization to help bring your Analytics goals to fruition. From new environments to advanced implementations to data monetization, our Sigma Experts’ deep understanding of Sigma, data, and trends will drive value. 

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Our team is certified by Sigma as a mark of excellence and trust.

Our Services

Expert Resources

Set Up & Implementation

Our consultants will partner with your key stakeholders to understand your goals and definitions of success, then make recommendations and guides for setup, access, builds, and implementation.


phData can assist by helping prioritize and assess your use cases and artifacts, automating some translations, and helping you complete everything before the next renewal date.

New Insights

phData’s expert analysts will partner with your team to understand your current and future goals. We will create a prioritized backlog of meaningful reports and execute them based on your decisions. Our consultants can develop reports on live or example data. 

Performance & Cost Optimization

Our consultants will review your environment, make recommendations, and set up cost and performance monitoring to help balance speed and cost.

Sharing & Embedding

Sigma Embedding can be a streamlined application for data monetization. phData’s team of experts can help with content creation, security, and monetization strategies.

Training & Enablement

Our approach through Data Coach will enable organizations to train new users and produce meaningful business artifacts simultaneously.

Our Approach

Innovation and Expertise

We focus on rapid iterative development to ensure progress, prioritization, and alignment with you and your stakeholders. We consistently create new assets and frameworks to empower our consultants and clients in Sigma.

A dual commitment to speed and quality recognizes your need to demonstrate value adds at every step of the process. Our strategy combines technology and people to create high-quality outcomes that drive meaningful impact in your organization. 


Our team, recognized as some of the best Sigma users globally, collaborates closely with your stakeholders to offer unmatched expertise and thought leadership to elevate your organization’s data culture.


Our extensive experience with Sigma means we have a refined understanding and process. We know the best ways to ensure a smooth and productive engagement.


Our toolkit and templates expedite all aspects of our Sigma engagements. From analysis to documentation, our team will work efficiently toward your deadlines.  

Expert Resourcing

We focus on specialization over generalization, with our team possessing comprehensive data stack experience and excelling in data warehouse migrations.

End-to-end Solutions

Our team’s end-to-end knowledge provides a comprehensive understanding of the complete data lifecycle. We can maximize your investments from pre-, including, and post-Sigma data strategies.

We love our Sigma clients

Moffitt Cancer Center
Vanco Payments
Party City
NextGen Healthcare
Western Union
Conagra Brands

Success Story

Modernization in Healthcare Analytics

Our work in Healthcare and Life Sciences exemplifies just one of our industry-focused solutions. Our experts, combined with Sigma’s unique data modeling functionality and Snowflake’s processing power, have enabled several healthcare providers to find new and flexible ways to investigate trends and identify patients’ needs.

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Sigma Computing is a cloud-based data exploration, investigation, and visualization platform. Its modern approach to spreadsheets powered by the cloud makes it specialize in incredibly large and granular data analysis. Imagine what insights your organization could find when creating analysis and pivot tables on hundreds of millions or rows.  

Some features differentiating Sigma are its native cloud architecture,  ability to write back data through Input Tables, straightforward approach to complex visuals like KPIs, and ease of embedding, all with an approachable data exploration and modeling interface.

Monetizing data can take many different forms with modern platforms. phData can help you assess and determine a strategy for monetizing your data through Sigma Embedding and Snowflake data shares. 

Yes! Our expertise spans every step of your data’s lifecycle. We can partner with your decision markers and data engineer teams to help plan and implement a data model optimized for Sigma and your organization.

The team at phData has an exceptional ability to understand our customer’s needs and deliver unique and innovative solutions. We’ve seen better adoption, greater insights, and cost savings from our customers partnered with them.

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