Accelerate and automate your data projects with the phData Toolkit

Introducing the phData Toolkit

Over the past few years, phData has been building a suite of automation tools to help our customers and community get more out of their data. Now, we’re excited to introduce an easier way to access and utilize these tools. 

The phData Toolkit is a new unified interface for all of phData’s apps and tools that help to accelerate and automate your data projects. With central access, detailed documentation, unified updates, and a robust resource library, it’s now easier than ever for you leverage phData’s automation software with our Toolkit.

phData Toolkit Dashboard

What apps and tools are included in the Toolkit?

Privilege Audit

The Privilege Audit app provides powerful visualization and reporting that enables Snowflake data access auditing and troubleshooting.

Application Monitoring

The Application Monitoring tool is a set of packaged tools to aggregate data from data products to make understanding the performance, errors, and costs of data products easy. 

SQL Translation

The SQL Translation app can instantly translate SQL from one language to another, eliminating a usually time-consuming, error-prone, and highly manual process. Essentially, it functions like Google Translate — but for SQL dialects.

Project Administration

The Project Administration tool automates creating and managing project resources within Snowflake including users and their privileges. Once set up and configured with your existing ticketing systems or Active Directory installations, you can fully manage your self-service Snowflake environments without relying on manual SQL commands.

Data Source Automation

The Data Source Automation tool is a multipurpose tool that collects, compares, analyzes, and acts on data source metadata and profile metrics. It drastically simplifies data pipeline automation, data quality analysis, migration validation, and other metadata-related actions on legacy or operational databases.

Automated Infrastructure

The Automated Infrastructure tool is an accelerator that allows you to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-Code. It consists of prebuilt CloudFormation templates and a library to enable automatic testing and execution of your customized templates along with the promotion of changes from development to production environments in your CI/CD pipelines.

Automation to accelerate every step of your data journey

Step 1

Get started by defining and deploying Cloud Infrastructure with our Automated Infrastructure tool.

Step 2

Securely provision and manage users, projects and privileges with our Privilege Audit and Project Administration tools.

Step 3

Quickly define pipelines to ingest legacy or operational data with our Pipeline Automation tool.

Step 4

Migrate legacy SQL workloads quickly and accurately with our SQL Translation tool.

Step 5

Monitor and alert for platform usage, costs, problems, and performance with our Application Monitoring tool.

The Toolkit is utilized by

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How does the Toolkit make automation simple?

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Accelerate and automate your data projects today with the phData Toolkit.

Accelerate and automate your data projects with the phData Toolkit

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