Data Platform Migrations

Expert Data Migrations

Requirements for Success

phData simplifies and expedites data platform migrations to the Snowflake Data Cloud. Whether your cloud provider is Azure, AWS, or GCP, phData will successfully move your data from one platform to another with minimal disruptions.

Expert Team

We combine data warehousing & migration engineers with an agile project management strategy to ensure a collaborative and iterative approach.

Automation Software

The phData Toolkit automates the most critical and time-consuming tasks: SQL translation, data & logic validation, and pipeline code generation. This accelerates timelines, minimizes risks, and maximizes success.

Process & Procedures

Benefit from our experience-driven approach to data migrations that minimizes risks, optimizes resources, and maintains accuracy and consistency.

Time-Saving Migration Automation​

Maximize Migration Speed & Accuracy

We have taken our experience migrating millions of tables to Snowflake and created time-saving and accuracy-improving automation. Minimize risk and maximize the success of your migration utilizing our Toolkit to:

Instantly and accurately translate legacy SQL with our best-in-class translation tool, including large and complex procedures.

Hive, Impala, Spark SQL, SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, and more.

Automate data quality assurance for your entire migration across legacy and modern databases from start to finish.

Simplify thousands of lines of code with the power of our metadata-driven code templating engine.

Kickstart downstream business validation without delay using our ultra-realistic synthetic data generator.

The SQL Translation tool

Customized Paths to a Successful Migration

Match the Data Migration Plan to Your Unique Needs

We help you discover the ideal data migration path tailored to your unique enterprise needs. At phData, we understand that data migrations are not a one-size-fits-all process. With our trusted migration framework, we empower our clients to expedite their migration endeavors effectively.

Having successfully completed hundreds of migrations involving all common legacy database types, we retain valuable insights into the intricacies and challenges associated with migrating each component of your existing platform to the cloud. Count on us to assist you in proactively addressing and overcoming common obstacles along the way.

Migration Use Cases

Experience Equates to Success

Experience should be your top priority when choosing a vendor to assist you with data migrations. We possess extensive experience in cutting-edge cloud technologies such as Snowflake, AWS, and Microsoft Azure along with handling a wide range of legacy platforms. From Hadoop to Teradata to Oracle, or any combination of platforms, we have successfully migrated data from all common legacy systems.

Our unique combination of knowledge and experience equips us to execute your migration with utmost efficiency, ensuring a seamless transition to your desired destination.

Common Legacy Migrations

phData has experience with all common legacy systems and more.

Got Migration questions?
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Migrations projects vary in length, generally from 3-month to 12-month timeframes. However, phData has created automation software specifically designed to accelerate these migrations by automating common time-consuming tasks, such as SQL query translation. This significantly reduces migration time. These automation are provided to our clients for no extra cost.

Check out our phData Toolkit here!

Migration project costs vary significantly, depending on scope and duration. phData has a global team of consultant experts, which allows us to have options to fit our client’s budgets and needs. We are generally able to come in under the quoted prices from large GSIs.

Besides expertise in legacy on-premise to cloud migrations, phData has robust experience in migrating from cloud system to cloud system.

phData is able to deliver data migrations with an approach that’s right for your enterprise.

Our Project-Based approach has an explicitly assigned and independent project team with a clearly defined project scope or backlog goals outlined within a statement of work.

Our Data Pod approach is flexible resourcing that works as an extension of your existing team to fill the skill or capacity gaps needed with a minimally defined scope. Talk to us to learn more about which approach is right for you.

We are here to ensure your platform migration has minimal impact on the business. phData has services designed explicitly around refactoring reports, dashboards, and automation to point from old legacy platforms to new platforms. These services include refactoring in Tableau, Power BI, Sigma, Knime, Alteryx, and other typical business intelligence tools.

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