Healthcare Analytics on Sigma & Snowflake

Clinical Cohort Creation Accelerator


Cohort creation and analysis for modern clinical research is the most difficult it has ever been. Increasingly fierce competition for patients and growing non-adherence rates slow recruiting cycles and jeopardize swift trial completion, leading to delayed delivery (or even non-delivery) of life-changing treatments to patients. Academic institutions, clinical research organizations (CROs), drug developers, and other institutions that rely on clinical research need tools to quickly identify and assess patient cohorts, despite skyrocketing health data abundance.

phData, Sigma Computing, and Snowflake have partnered to solve this issue with a tool that combines Snowflake’s scalable computing power with Sigma’s user-friendly data modeling and visualization capabilities to quickly identify and assess patient cohorts based on sophisticated inclusion criteria and geospatial trial requirements.

phData’s Solution Using Sigma on Snowflake

With our accelerator, users create and visualize cohorts in seconds by setting and changing sophisticated inclusion criteria and geospatial requirements specific to a given trial — all from one easy-to-use interface in Sigma.


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