Case Study

Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Company Partners with phData to Adopt Sigma Computing for BI Reporting

Customer's Challenge

A leading electronics and integrated/packaged solutions manufacturing company recently adopted Sigma Computing as its primary business intelligence platform but needed guidance to upskill its data analysts and business intelligence engineers to proficiency.

phData's Solution

phData delivered a 5-week live lecture series alongside an online curriculum from its Training & Enablement services that taught multiple cohorts of employees from the manufacturing company the fundamentals of the core aspects of business intelligence reporting in Sigma Computing. The program also directly advised the cohorts on how to build, improve, and deploy dashboards to meet real-world use cases at the company.


By the end of the two-cohort engagement, the manufacturing company moved from having zero employees with solid fundamentals in Sigma Computing to having 24 employees proficient enough in Sigma Computing to deliver enterprise-quality dashboards. 

Additionally, 15 high-impact dashboards were created in Sigma Computing that automated reporting on key topics across the business to save hundreds of analyst hours per year. 

Topics covered by the dashboards include:

The Full Story

A prominent electronics and integrated/packaged solutions manufacturing company adopted the Snowflake Data Cloud as its data warehousing and processing platform. Needing a business intelligence layer that seamlessly integrates with the high performance of Snowflake while providing high-level visualizations and deeply granular tabular reporting, the choice was easy for the company to choose Sigma Computing for all of its business intelligence reporting.

Sigma Computing was a new platform for the company, so upskilling its business intelligence workforce to recreate current reports and develop new ones quickly presented a challenge.

Along with lecture-style training on Sigma Computing, the company wanted hands-on experience with real use cases for its trainees to remain productive while building their skills.

phData’s Training & Enablement team created and delivered a custom 5-week training program to meet the company’s training needs through a two-pronged approach involving live lectures & demonstrations on Sigma Computing and coaching sessions to support trainees as they developed capstone projects that addressed real use cases at the company.

Why phData?

phData has a proven track record of delivering high-impact dashboards in Sigma Computing for companies across many industry verticals. Additionally, its Training & Enablement services are celebrated for enabling workers to quickly learn and adopt, and use new business intelligence platforms through its curated online training content.

phData was therefore uniquely positioned to quickly upskill workers at the manufacturing company to proficiency in Sigma Computing while providing experience-based expert advice on how best to improve and deliver dashboards needed by the company.

Upskilling Lectures

The upskilling lectures taught cohorts of the company all aspects of Sigma Computing that are important for effective business intelligence delivery, such as:

All content and coaching emphasized best practices for user understanding and value, dashboard speed and performance, and ease of development.

Capstone Coaching

A dedicated phData consultant provided one hour of direct coaching per week, plus ad hoc support as requested, to each group of trainees working together on various capstone projects built from and resulting in tangible value from the company’s data. 

Support was also provided, including reviewing techniques, data modeling & scaffolding tricks, and advice on visual presentation & interactivity. 

At the end of the training program, the consultant graded the dashboards created by the cohort to issue certificates of training and assisted with the internal presentation and deployment of the dashboards for use by the manufacturing company.

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