Case Study

CPG Company Successfully Migrates to Tableau Cloud from Server

The Customer’s Challenge

A massive retail business in the CPG space was running into costly limitations with its current data visualization platform, Tableau Server. They were spending too much time and resources managing the technology versus utilizing it. With a steep increase in complex data needs, they had to find a better platform that was more flexible, effective, and less costly to manage.

phData’s Solution

phData proved the value of Tableau Cloud to the client as the data visualization platform of choice and helped them successfully migrate to Tableau Cloud from Tableau Server, ultimately saving money and vastly improving their data visualization needs for years to come.

The Full Story

A large retail company in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry was using Tableau Server as its core data visualization platform. For years, Tableau Server had worked well but as the business grew and the data needs became more complex, the CPG company had to make a change, especially once they realized just how much time and precious resources they spend on managing the technology.

After researching several options, they were leaning towards migration to Tableau Cloud. 

Why Tableau Cloud?

The flexibility and scalability of the Tableau Cloud platform initially caught the clients’ eye but as they dug into the improved security and data governance features, they were starting to realize the potential of this migration. 

Once they uncovered the enhanced collaboration and sharing capabilities of Tableau Cloud, which would allow their teams in different locations to easily access and work with their data, they were sold. 

The ultimate cherry on top was that Tableau Cloud offered enormous cost savings through reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance. The last piece was finding the right partner to help make the migration successful. 

Why phData?

The client had worked with phData in the past and was thoroughly impressed with the speed, quality, expertise, and delivery they brought to each engagement. phData also had unmatched expertise with Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud migrations, making them a clear choice.  

Automating & streamlining the migration to Tableau Cloud

Once the decision was made to migrate to Tableau Cloud, phData got to work by assessing the client’s current Tableau Server environment and then developing a customized plan for the migration. Part of this plan included identifying the specific requirements for the migration, such as the data sources and connections that needed to be connected to Tableau Cloud through Tableau Bridge.

To drastically simplify and improve the migration process, the phData team leveraged its custom specialized migration software to automate and streamline the data migration and reconciliation process. 

This included transferring all of the client’s data from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud, as well as reconciling any discrepancies or inconsistencies to ensure that all components of the site were accurate and up-to-date.

In addition to the data migration, phData also provided customization and configuration services to ensure that Tableau Cloud was tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. This included setting up user accounts and permissions, as well as configuring the data sources and connections. The automation efficiently handled all subscriptions, but since the client had executives with alerts and customized views, phData handled these customizations by hand.

Finally, phData provided training and support for the client’s users during and after the migration, ensuring that everyone was comfortable and confident using Tableau Cloud.


Overall, the migration to Tableau Cloud was a success for our client. In less than nine weeks, they were able to focus more on their business and less on managing technology, and the cloud platform allowed them to scale and evolve as their company grew.

In addition to the benefits of the cloud platform, the use of migration software resulted in significant time savings for the client. Our team was able to complete the migration process in a fraction of the time it would have taken using manual methods, resulting in an 8x time savings for the client.

Interested in migrating to Tableau Cloud?

The Tableau Cloud platform offers numerous benefits to most enterprises including increased flexibility and scalability, improved security and data governance, enhanced collaboration and sharing capabilities, and cost savings through reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance. 

With phData’s expertise and specialized migration software at your side, you’ll be on a fast track to making more informed decisions. 

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