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Taking business problems and translating them into tangible AI solutions is hard. Elevating those opportunities into operational, value-driving applications is even harder. At phData, we have capabilities to support every stage of the data-transformation journey. Our team of experts have the confidence and skills to help your business leverage its data to produce powerful insights that help predict future outcomes, reduce risk, and automate business processes. 

Regardless of which stage you are in your data journey, we’d love to be a part of your success story.

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Our proven approach leverages a healthy combination of statistics, predictive modeling, and ML engineering to build, deploy, and maintain models that expose data-driven insights in a automated and repeatable way.  

We can help turn business problems into AI solutions at any stage in your digital-transformation journey. Here’s a few examples:

phData's Data Science & Machine Learning Success Stories

Luxury automaker improves forecasting capabilities with AI​

Learn how phData helped a luxury automaker leverage Snowflake’s data platform and a custom ML framework to improve sales forecasting.

Restaurant chain automates order intake with NLP​

Uncover how a popular restaurant chain partnered with phData to build an automated verbal order intake system with the power of ML and NLP.

Outdoor vehicle manufacturer drives value with Machine Learning​

Explore how in just three months, phData was able to deliver a modern, end-to-end ML solution to help an outdoor vehicle manufacturer better forecast demand.

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