April 25, 2024

Beyond the Data: Franco Borgiani, Data Engineer

By Izzy OKonek

Welcome to April’s employee series, Beyond the Data! We’re featuring Data Engineer Franco Borgiani from our LATAM office. 

A few fascinating facts about Franco are that he learned English in just six months, spent two years at Uruguay’s Navy School before deciding to pursue a career in Software Engineering, and achieved second place in a national decathlon competition, where only two people remained by the end of the event.

With that, let’s learn more about Franco!

Tell us your name, where you’re from, and a little about yourself

My name is Franco Borgiani, and I live in Salinas, a small city on the coast of Uruguay. I was born there but left when I decided to pursue a career as a Software Engineer.

I now live in the same city as most of my family, friends, and beloved cats. Something unique about me is that I’m always looking for new challenges, opportunities, and things to learn. 

What do you actually do on any given day as a Data Engineer?

As a Data Engineer, my daily tasks vary. However, on a typical day, I build solutions and automation that impact our client’s decision-making using data and the newest technologies. Regardless of the project I’m working on, my primary responsibility is to bring value to the business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Some days, I’m a creator, crafting tools or scripts that streamline tasks and amplify productivity for myself and my colleagues. Other times, I’m a collaborator, working closely with the Solutions Architects. And then, there are the days when I’m deeply involved in coding and modeling, figuring out complex problems, and creating smart solutions.

How do you like working for a Consulting Company?

What I like the most about working for a consulting company is that every client faces different challenges from different industries. I love being a consultant at phData. Here, you will always have an opportunity to learn and grow. Every project has its challenges that provide opportunities. Being surrounded by the best professionals helps develop unique skills and relationships.

Thanks to working for different clients on different projects, I have developed new skills, learned new technologies, and worked in many industries. As a consultant, you will never be bored.

What separates phData from other jobs you’ve had?

What truly distinguishes phData from my previous roles are its core values. Working for a company that lives by its core values is impressive. The phData community is the best. What makes phData stand out is its awesome people and how things are organized here.

At phData, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Everyone is encouraged to ask whatever they need, no matter how basic it may seem. You’ll always get a helpful answer right away.

How has your job evolved over the past few years?

Two years ago, Nookalabs (a company that phData acquired) gave me my first opportunity in the software development world. They assigned me to a project within the insurance industry, provided me with the necessary tools and guidance to learn, and encouraged me to deliver the highest possible value.

About six months after I started at Nookalabs, they helped me learn English. I wanted to work in the United States but didn’t know much English—just colors and basic stuff. The Nookalabs team helped me improve my English and become a better Data Engineer.

Later, when phData acquired Nookalabs, they supported my transition to becoming a Data Engineer and acquiring sufficient English skills to work with U.S. clients. I received support to work with a client, which helped me grow both personally and professionally as a Data Engineer.

The impact that phData has made on my career is incredible and is something I’ll appreciate forever.

Outside of work, what's your life like? What do you do for fun?

My life outside of work is normal to average. I’m currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I spend about 4 hours a day working on my school assignments. After finishing school work, I would work on personal projects. 

I’m currently developing a notes application that meets my needs using Nextjs and Supabase. I’ve been enjoying joy rides in my car for the last few months. I like to drive around the streets in the city and look at houses. It’s always amazing to see how houses change and how they are decorated.

What is your favorite type of cuisine? And where is the best place to enjoy it?

My favorite type of cuisine is any type of grilled meat. Uruguay has many great places where you can have delicious baby beef. I went with some colleagues to Uruguay Natural this month, and the baby beef was terrific there. 

Where's the next place you'd like to travel to, and what would be the first thing you do there?

I’m planning a trip to Brazil and couldn’t be more excited! There are so many reasons why I’m drawn to this incredible country, and I can’t wait to explore its culture and stunning scenery.

First and foremost, one of the main reasons I’m heading to Brazil is to reconnect with some friends who live there. But beyond visiting friends, Brazil offers many experiences. One of the top items on my bucket list is to witness the breathtaking Iguazu Falls.

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