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Call center leaders are tasked with running a customer-focused operation that consistently meets all core KPIs, yet they’re constantly getting asked to move faster and do more with less. Failure to run lean puts the entire operations team at serious risk of spiking overtime costs, plummeting CSAT scores, and worse, steep customer attrition spikes.

With so much at stake and the frustration of constantly playing catch up, call center leaders are looking for ways to optimize their operations while maintaining (or even improving) service performance and quality.

phData helps address this challenge by partnering with call and contact center leaders to help them better leverage data and analytics in a way that improves outcomes, boosts service performance, and lowers customer churn. 

How phData helps call centers achieve analytics excellence 

Build real-time pipelines

Our data engineering team has hands-on experience building effective and secure data pipelines that deliver real-time data to your team.

Leveraging decades of experiences

From optimizing staffing to improved short and long-range planning, elevate your forecasting models with our expertise. 

Solve constraints via Analytics

Regardless of where you are on your analytics maturity journey, our experts will assess your capabilities and identify opportunities where data can be used to achieve better results with fewer resources. 

Unify disparate data sources

Call center data typically lives in separated silos throughout the organization. Our team will unify your data under a single source of truth like Snowflake, helping you get the full picture of your business. 

Create trust across the business

Our award-winning dashboard specialists will build your team custom dashboards that help spot trends and problems quickly, allowing your team to make informed decisions.

Communicate with robust visualizations

Working in lockstep with your team, we’ll identify the KPIs most near and dear to your heart and develop a plan to report on your descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics goals. 

What outcomes you can expect with phData’s help

Our goal is simple: help you do more with less by guiding your organization to a state of analytics maturity. Here are a few realistic outcomes you can expect: 

  • On-Demand Insight into Service Risk

    Unlock more visibility into your data at all times with better tools that help anticipate spikes in demand, plan playbook actions, and communicate quantitatively.

  • Reduced Dependency on Overtime

    Uncover where scheduling and skilling strategies can be applied to shift excess resources to your peaks, saving dramatically on OT spend.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    With consistent service level results, you’ll remove barriers to positive outcomes with your customers and improve retention rates.

  • Reduce Staff Attrition

    Getting your occupancy into the “sweet spot” means a better experience for your customers and your employees, so you can avoid looping impacts to your contact handle times.

Got call center analytics questions? We’ve got answers.

We’ve seen customers have the best success with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Snowflake easily ingests and stores call center data and can handle massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently, ultimately providing users with the ability to run complex queries and analyses. This makes Snowflake an ideal platform for centralizing call center data.

Tableau is the ideal choice for creating call center dashboards simply because it is a powerful data visualization tool that makes it easy to create beautiful, informative dashboards.

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