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Getting the strategy right the first time is paramount for sustained success in your data transformation journey. Having a rocky strategy can create a black hole of data debt, costs, and frustration. Our team of experts understands this more than anyone, having come across failure and success many times.

After years of experience working with hundreds of clients, we now have our strategy engagements down to a (data) science. We know it’s not just about having the best technology; a good strategy is about combining infrastructure, people, and processes. We’d love to use our experience, knowledge, and hands-on approach to ensure that your strategy is built right the first time.

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You want to be successful with your current (and future) AI, data, and analytics initiatives but lack a solid strategy that everyone across the enterprise is bought into. This is where phData shines. Our team of experts will be your guide, working and educating your team on how to create the ideal strategy for your business.

Once you begin a partnership with phData, here’s what you can expect in a 6-8 week timeline.


At the start, we go deep into learning about your organization, uncovering any gaps within your technology, business, and processes. Afterward, we’ll help you select some initial use cases and build up a list of future ones.


Next, our team will work to bring everyone on the same page, setting expectations, rules of engagement, and charting a realistic path forward.

Tool selection

Our experts have worked with hundreds of data tools and will help your business confidently select the best possible choices. We’ll also provide some recommendations on how these tools should interact with each other.

Making it real

Next is bringing everything together into an actionable implementation plan that includes realistic timelines, costs, and phases.

Success Story

Window manufacturer discovers the right data strategy & tools.

Dive into this story of how phData helped a family-owned window manufacturer develop an actionable data strategy to help them migrate seamlessly to Snowflake.

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