Data Engineering

Data Engineering services and expertise to help you author, deploy, monitor, and support data products faster and more reliably.

Specialized Architects and Engineers. More dependable data products, delivered faster.

Organizations around the world are scrambling to move from legacy data stores and warehouses to modern, cloud-based services — only to wind up with data products that are plagued by errors, expensive to maintain, and too unstable to scale or to run in-production at all.

phData Data Engineering enables you with capabilities to author, deploy, and support your mission-critical data products. Drawing from experience across thousands of data engineering and machine learning projects, we use technology-specific best practices every step of the way — from architecture design to deployment automation to pipeline monitoring — to help ensure your data products are stable, scalable, and cost-effective.

phData Data Engineering Services

AWS Data Engineering

We help break down data silos and combine different classes of analytics for more comprehensive insights and better decision making.

Cloudera Data Engineering

As the leading provider of data engineering services for streaming, batch, and interactive data products with Cloudera, we ensure the success of even the most complex data deployments.

Databricks Data Engineering

Our hands-on Spark and Scala experts define scalable transformation jobs and monitor execution, with governance, security, and data protection baked-in.

Snowflake Data Engineering

Our best-in-class data engineering teams implement cloud-native data pipelines, delivering secure, scalable data products in weeks, not months.

Real experts, real results

Our specialized Architects and Data Engineers guide you to get the right infrastructure and software delivery processes in place to deliver streaming, batch, and interactive data products in weeks, not years.
Data Engineering

The right technologies, the right implementation

Drawing from experience with thousands of big data projects, we help you architect the right solution and implement it according to proven design patterns and platform-specific best practices.

Managed, monitored data pipelines

Poorly constructed pipelines yield late, missing, or incorrect data. We ensure yours are robust and fully monitored, with error handling, alerting, and instrumentation. Learn more about Data Quality Monitoring.

Fast, sustainable software development lifecycles

Instilling CI/CD best practices (such as proper source control and build-process automation) makes it faster and cheaper to deliver and maintain code that holds up in production.

Why phData for Data Engineering?

Depth of expertise over breadth of manpower

Many businesses contract big teams of inexperienced, generalist devs who often train themselves on core ecosystem technologies on the fly. But not phData. We bring in a small team of highly specialized solutions architects and data engineers who know how to get the job done right the first time — with hands-on experience implementing technologies like Databricks, Snowflake, Scala, and Spark at-scale. This “go-deep” approach beats “going wide” in every single dimension, including cost.

An automated, process-driven approach

Managed, monitored pipelines minimize issues with late, missing, or incorrect data. Data quality automation provides proactive alerts for scenarios likely to cause issues. We help you ensure your build-and-deploy process is designed with long-term reliability and CI/CD best practices (e.g., automation, source control, versioning).

Technology and design decisions for long term success

Our experienced solutions architects work closely with you to understand the business goals of your project, and then to help you navigate the countless new cloud and data engineering technologies on the market. We compare and contrast the various design options based on your user needs, product requirements, and system constraints to help you make technology-selection and architecture decisions that set you up for long-term success.

A security-focused mentality, every step of the way

Our emphasis on automation, repeatability, monitoring, and process standardization minimizes human error, and therefore risk. With broad experience delivering data products in industries with strict compliance regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA), we understand the importance of keeping security top-of-mind — from design to deployment to production.

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Dependable data products, delivered faster.

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