Case Study

Esteemed Healthcare Provider Uses Sentiment Analysis​ to Improve Media Monitoring

The Customer’s Challenge

A major US healthcare provider needed help to monitor its media coverage effectively. With thousands of articles to review, they were in serious need of a scoring model that could consistently assess the brand sentiment of those articles.

phData’s Solution

In under eight weeks, phData built a natural language processing (NLP) model that rates brand sentiment using nearly 50 predictor variables. We used Alteryx and custom R code to develop a user-friendly workflow and tool that requires zero coding skills to utilize.

The Full Story

Sentiment analysis is more complex than some might think. People interpret different sentences in many ways, which might lead to wrong conclusions or differing opinions on the same matter.

This prominent healthcare company used a team to manually read and grade several newspaper articles that mentioned the company, its CEO, or other noteworthy keywords. When grading, employees were taught to look for specific keywords to either add or remove points, summing up to a positive or negative sentiment analysis.

After a while, the company discovered that different employees would grade the articles differently, so they couldn’t trust the process entirely. To help solve this challenge, they called the experts at phData’s Analytics team to see if we could develop a better solution with more reliable and standardized results.

The phData team recommended Alteryx to help read and prepare the data and then created an R script inside of the workflow to run a sentiment analysis. This analysis was made both at an overall and sentence level. After the analysis was done, a random forest model was used to train and standardize the results, constantly improving the outcomes generated by Alteryx.

The main workflow reads the data from a source and passes it through a macro to prepare the model.

The macro will then read the data, categorizing it into different types of results and appending everything together at the end.

Why phData?

phData’s wide range of expertise on self-service analytic platforms initially attracted the client. The case was strengthened when phData’s expert Alteryx Artisans offered to deliver a solution within the required parameters with the already purchased resources.


Our easy-to-use model enables this Fortune 500 company to rate and review thousands of articles in under 15 minutes, ultimately ensuring consistent and objective scoring of their media coverage.

phData is excited to continue enhancing relationships between our clients and provide quick and successful analytical solutions.

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