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Data and analytics services for manufacturers

With the rise of IoT and telemetry technology, the manufacturing industry has seen an influx of data. Making that data actionable, however, can be a significant obstacle. Meanwhile, industry standards are driving leaner and more efficient processes which create visibility to entirely new challenges in an increasingly complex modern supply-chain environment.

At phData, we help manufacturing companies set up infrastructure to better collect, manage, and act upon massive amounts of data. Whether it’s creating real-time reporting on manufacturing output or building models to help predict when to perform maintenance, our experts will bring your most ambitious data and analytics projects to life.

How we help manufacturing businesses leverage data to optimize production output and reduce unnecessary costs

Harmonize Data Across the Business

phData helps integrate siloed data from your ERP, vendors, retailers, and 3PLs across your organization. Our experts will partner closely with your team to develop a cohesive line of sight across your systems, unlocking a holistic view of operations that ultimately improve quality, efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

Centralize and Standardize Reporting

Standardizing ad-hoc reports allows your company to have a solid apples-to-apples comparison across business functions or units. We not only teach teams how to standardize reporting on KPIs across similar units, but we develop state-of-the-art dashboards to help guide your business decisions.

Create Sustainable Predictive Solutions

Leveraging design thinking principles and our MLOps framework, we create predictive models tailored to your business and integrate them into your software applications.

Enable Business Users to Create Technical Assets

Analysts want to use larger amounts of data in their operations, but are limited with their tooling. We train your analysts to leverage analytical tools to streamline their day-to-day operations.

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Manufacturing areas of expertise

Supply-Chain & Cycle-Time Analytics

Centralizing all aspects of the supply chain into a single control tower is vital to running lean operations in today’s manufacturing sector.  We help customers scale and accelerate analytics pipelines, develop analytics capabilities, master production scheduling, and leverage contemporary data-sharing techniques. 

Supply Analytics and Risk Forecasting

Equipped with data, analytics, and modeling, we’ll help you understand risk in your supply chain and proactively create risk-mitigating processes. Our data scientists and visualization specialists have deep expertise in reporting on supply metrics, analyzing root causes, and incorporating rich datasets into forecast models.

ML Demand Forecasting

Whether it’s building a better demand forecast, optimizing logistics capacity, scheduling production, or finding new efficiencies in inventory management, our experts have deep expertise in understanding the complexities and dependencies throughout the supply chain.

IoT Analytics for Yield & Quality

With advancements and adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and telemetry technology, new challenges have emerged on the best way to store and leverage this data. Our team has expertise in managing these big datasets and helping business teams optimize production.

Predictive Maintenance for Field Assets

Understanding when the right time to service equipment can help avoid unnecessary costs and lost productivity due to downtime. We have built successful predictive maintenance solutions that help manufacturers optimize their service periods.

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We have covered a lot of unique data and analytics use cases, but we most frequently see:

  • Migrations from legacy on-prem systems to cloud data platforms like Snowflake and Redshift
  • Creation of dashboards and reports for descriptive analytics, control-tower supply chain reporting, and forecast visibility
  • Development of AI/ML predictive applications for forecasting and predictive maintenance

To remain competitive, manufacturing companies need to leverage data spanning a wide variety of sources. Centralizing and harmonizing that data can be a significant challenge. Once data has been centralized, building reports and analytical applications require a mix of both deep expertise and innovative creativity.

The modern economy runs on data, and manufacturing organizations have always relied on data within their business. New technologies have opened the doors for groundbreaking transformations, including: 

  • Using data to improve visibility across the entire business or supply chain
  • Leveraging next-generation AI/ML technology to improve forecasting or marketing
  • Harmonizing data across various IoT/telemetry sources to understand performance

Manufacturing problems, solved

No matter the scale or challenges, we have the knowledge and expertise to drive meaningful solutions that solve manufacturing’s most complex business data and analytics problems.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipating demand is the cornerstone of the supply chain. Disruption in demand has upstream and downstream implications, like shifts in procurement to canceled transportation runs. We’ll create innovative demand forecasting solutions that reflect your business. Our clients have experienced millions in savings with a new and improved forecasting system.

Control-Tower Reporting

Whether you’re currently relying on IT or business functions to build out a report, it is usually difficult to have a one-stop view of how the business is performing overall. Our experience with centralizing data and reports have helped organizations standardize performance and identify gaps.

Managing Sensor Data

Having an effective and optimized way of storing and accessing sensor data is critical to understanding what is happening in your processes. We have deep experience in creating solution architecture and managing data pipelines to make the most of your IoT data.

Predictive Maintenance

By leveraging IoT, telemetry, and historical maintenance data, we create predictive maintenance models that help you determine when the best time to service equipment to decrease downtime.

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