Dataiku Certified Consulting Partner

Unlock more value out of your Dataiku investment by joining forces with our world-class team of machine learning experts that are passionate about all things Dataiku.

As a Certified Consulting Partner, we know our way around Dataiku. Whether you’re deploying hundreds of models, starting to create your first proof of concept, or just evaluating Dataiku, we are here to help. From strategic planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance, our certified Dataiku experts create a machine learning strategy that works for you.

Dataiku and phData - Consulting Partner

Discover the advantage expert Dataiku guidance brings to your organization

Building and running enterprise machine learning platforms is complex. Experienced Dataiku experts elevate and accelerate the success of your entire organization. 

  • Evaluation and proof of concept

    Our experts develop a machine learning model with step-by-step instruction and group training to bring your team up to speed. Use your real (anonymized) data to demonstrate value without risk—either before or after you’ve made a purchase.

  • Dataiku administration

    Expert configuration and administration support to keep Dataiku running smoothly. We offer 24/7 support: on premise, in your cloud, or in ours.

  • Use-case discovery and execution

    Certified Dataiku data scientists work with you to identify use cases and develop solutions. Give your team the “seasoned expert” edge as we tackle your most difficult problems, together.

  • AI and platform strategy

    Our most senior architects help you develop a holistic AI strategy so that your machine learning roadmap doesn’t lead to a technological dead end. 

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Case Study

Predictive insights with Machine Learning

Discover how a medical manufacturer was able to make machine learning-backed decisions to predict manager performance with help from phData and Dataiku.

Getting started is easy

No two companies deal with the same set of challenges, but here’s what a typical proof of value looks like:

First, we investigate. We work with you to identify a real use-case, anonymize your data, and decide what success means to you.

Second, we instruct. Our experts develop a Dataiku solution while providing step-by-step training.

Third, we demonstrate. Make an informed decision with real accuracy and value measurements. 

How our Dataiku services accelerate your Machine Learning program

Want to learn more about Dataiku and Machine Learning? We’ve got you covered.

Identify and redact PII and PHI in Snowflake with Dataiku

See how Dataiku’s integrations with Snowflake and AWS make it possible to automatically identify and redact PII and PHI.

Classify emotions within videos with Dataiku and Deep Learning

Use advanced Dataiku features and deep learning capabilities to develop cutting-edge solutions to the hard problems 

Deploy an emotion classification system for videos

Dataiku is a powerful tool for developing ML models, but it can also streamline the deployment of those models.  

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