How to Build a Multiple Measure Waterfall Chart with Filters in Tableau

One of the most consistent challenges I often see with Tableau is creating very specific visualizations under constraints of the data. The most common of these are creating waterfall charts with multiple measures and wanting to apply filters across these visualizations. In Tableau, the solution is not always straightforward. If you were creating a traditional […]

Create a Hex Map in Tableau Without Data Blending

This post was originally written by Shaun Davis. I love hex maps, plain and simple. They look great and are a good solution to the problems created by representing a measure using the land mass of a state. There’s been solutions shown by a veritable who’s who of Tableau leaders. My method uses the excel […]

Tabeau 2019.2 Release Features

With the latest release of Tableau, the 2019.2 version, there are several awesome new features that the Tessellation team got to try out. Here’s what our team had to say about them! Vector Mapping (Shaun Davis & John Emery) I have to choose one? Then I choose Vector Mapping. It’s not a term that resonates […]

Six Uses for Transparent Shapes in Tableau

Sometimes you need to include custom shapes for your visualizations. One useful trick in Tableau is including a completely transparent, single-pixel image as a shape on dashboards and worksheets. This shape is extremely versatile and underutilized. When hovering over the shape, the end-user is unable to highlight or select the shape. In fact, the single-pixel transparent .png […]

Not-to-Miss Sessions at Tableau Conference 2019

Last week the Tableau Conference schedule came out and our clients have been asking us which sessions we should attend. Instead of sharing that information just with them, we thought we’d share them in a blog post. Enjoy! Spencer Since our speciality at Tessellation is driving analytics culture at enterprise levels, it’s no surprise that […]

Part 3 of Learning Tableau: Advanced Certified

This post was written by Tina Boe. After three certifications, eight weeks, and 31 modules and I have made it through Data Coach’s Zero to Tableau Associate course! When I started all of this I had never used Tableau before. Now, I have graduated my skills from learning the essentials of Tableau, to the core components, […]