How To Build Collapsible Menus In Tableau

How to Build Collapsible Menus in Tableau

Collapsible menus can be helpful in organizing and presenting menu options in a more visually-appealing and interactive way. They allow users to hide and show different levels of detail in a dashboard, making it easier to focus on specific aspects of the data and allowing for a more streamlined and efficient analysis experience. In this […]

How to Drive the Adoption of Your Dashboards, ML Solutions, and Analytics Applications

Drive the Adoption of Your Dashboards,

When it comes to implementing dashboards, machine learning solutions, and other analytical applications, oftentimes organizations find disappointingly low levels of adoption among their team and/or clients. On some occasions, the tool is developed and never actually used.  Adoption is never guaranteed, though there are many things an organization (or even a developer) can do to […]

How to Build Expandable Tables with Zone Visibility in Tableau

The goal of this post is to show you how to make expandable tables in Tableau. There are other steps you will want to use like adding pagination to your tables but for now, we’ll focus on building expanding tables with zone visibility. This technique of expanding space between rows in a table is excellent […]

How to Create Efficient Calculations in Tableau

If the last several years have taught us anything about technology, it’s that it loves to forsake us in our time of need — specifically during the dreaded “live demo.” We’ve all been there. No matter how many trial runs, how many practice screen shares and early connections to the virtual meeting room, technology loves […]

Tableau Server vs. Tableau Cloud (Online): What’s Best for Your Business?

Tableau is a leading data analytics and visualization platform that allows you to easily share drag-and-drop advanced analytics across your organization by the use of their Server product.  Tableau Server can be deployed within your own environment, or by going the SaaS option with Tableau Cloud (previously known as Tableau Online). When organizations deploy Tableau, […]

What Are the Best Call Center Analytics Solutions?

Managing an effective call center is a challenging task. The needs of your customers are constantly changing, and you need to be ready. That means putting the right number of people in the right place at the right time with the right training to help your customers at any moment. How do you accomplish this […]

How to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers with Data

How to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers with Data Managing a successful call center in today’s customer-first environment is challenging. Call center leaders are tasked with running an operation that is efficient, customer-centric, and effective, yet they’re constantly getting asked to move fast and do more with less. Being forced to run lean means […]

How to Make Your Call Center More Efficient with Data and Analytics

The call/contact center plays a vital role in the customer experience journey, yet it’s often overlooked from a budgetary perspective. Call center leaders are constantly expected to do more with fewer resources. When resources thin, quality almost always takes a heavy hit, leading to skyrocketing overtime costs, agent turnover, and worse of all, customer churn. […]

Medical Visits Wait Time Dashboard Example

Medical Visits Wait Time: Tableau Dashboard Example View Dashboard in Tableau Public Ensuring appointments are completed on time by minimizing patient wait times is a key performance metric to providing an efficiently run healthcare center or facility. This dashboard is designed to assist medical center/facility managers in understanding medical visit trends across centers and procedures. […]

How to Create Multiple Select Parameters in Tableau

What are Multiple Select Parameters in Tableau? As its name suggests, multiple select parameters allow you to select multiple parameters. It functions in the same manner as multiple select filters in Tableau. Currently, the challenge with existing parameters in Tableau is that only a single selection can be made. The Tableau community continues to ask […]