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 At phData, our commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. Our team consistently strives for excellence and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

Great Place to Work - Uruguay Badge
Snowflake Partner of the Year 2024 badge
2023 Partner of the Year Badge - Services: Overall
Fivetran Partner of the Year 2024 Badge

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Where Data Challenges Meet Innovation

Join phData, where expertise meets innovation in solving real-world data challenges. From Snowflake administration to Elastic MLOps consulting, our collaborative teams empower clients across diverse industries to maximize their data value. In 2022, we made a significant leap into Latin America by acquiring Nooka Labs. This strategic move broadens our geographical footprint and enhances our capabilities in providing cutting-edge data solutions to clients in the Latin American region. This acquisition is an important step in phData’s history as we strive to become the world leader in services for the modern data stack.

Why work at phData?

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Supporting and Developing Our Employees

phData Bootcamp

At phData, we recognize the excitement and challenges that come with starting a new role. That’s why we provide an extensive bootcamp program for all new employees. Our 4-6 week bootcamp equips you with essential skills and knowledge crucial for success in your position. Dive into cutting-edge technologies and engage in hands-on training sessions led by experienced mentors, ensuring you’re fully prepared to excel from day one. Committed to nurturing employee curiosity, we understand that learning is a continuous journey, empowering individuals to enhance their skills and reach their full potential.

Space to create. Space to connect.

At phData we offer the best of both worlds! While some of our team excels in remote work, others revel in our stunning Montevideo office. Whether you prefer to work remotely, in person, or hybrid, you’ll find flexibility at phData.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several payment options including International wire transfers into the account of your choosing. 

We operate with a remote-first approach, yet our office in Montevideo, Uruguay, is open to those who prefer a physical workspace. For our team members in Uruguay, we encourage collaboration in the office a few times a week. If located in Latin America but outside Uruguay, our team members can work remotely. 

Applicants should be able to communicate effectively in English since they will be working with US clients.

We equip all our team members with a company-provided laptop for their work needs.

Our core values aren’t just wall decorations

We take our values pretty seriously around here. Our leadership team spent countless hours developing core values to lead the company by.

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety

Together, we create a climate where it’s safe to take risks and be vulnerable. This allows us to be creative, make a mistake, and speak up about ideas or ask questions without fear of being embarrassed or punished. Psychological safety leads to an environment that truly fosters learning, innovation, and teamwork.



A deep desire to understand our technology, each other, and our customers. We strive to learn technology at a deep, fundamental level. We strive to understand each other to build empathy. We strive to understand our customers and how to deliver the technical and business outcomes they need.



A mixture of intense passion and intense perseverance. We take creative approaches to design solutions and are dedicated to following through until the problem is solved. Grit allows us to solve our customers’ hardest problems and deliver superior results.



We are better as a whole than as individuals. We appreciate and bring together our different expertise, perspectives, and ideas to come up with better, more well-rounded solutions. We support, challenge and encourage each other along the journey.

Everyone here plays a vital role to our growth.

Working a year at phData is worth three years of experience elsewhere. We solve complex problems for hundreds of clients across multiple verticals. Whether it’s building a life saving healthcare ML model or unlocking explosive growth for a regional bank, our global team of engineers makes it happen. 

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