Coalesce Partnership

Delivering Transformation Excellence at Scale


Data Transformations

phData’s knowledgeable Coalesce specialists are ready to help you set up and configure your Coalesce projects. Our teams will create your data transformations, enhance your pipelines, and handle those complex data analyses using best practices—all while ensuring the data can be used with your preferred data visualization tool.

Set Up & Implementation:

Our consultants will offer suggestions and guidelines for setup, access, builds, and execution by working in tandem with your most important stakeholders to comprehend your objectives and success criteria.

Data Transformation Modernization:

To stop the faulty and prone to errors transformation from being deployed into your production environment, modernize your data transformation layer by applying best practices for software development.

Data Culture:

By allowing our professionals to mentor your business users, analysts, and executives through training, development, and support, you can create a strong data culture throughout your whole organization.

Our Approach

The power of phData


Trained platform expert solution architects and data engineers backed with 24×7 real-time support

Process & Assets

Our experts team is equipped with best practice documentation, runbooks, tutorials, and reference architecture.

Data Driven Culture

Support, training, and enablement for your team to help them become more proficient and comfortable using data.

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