March 20, 2023

What It’s Like To Work as a Solutions Engineer at phData

By Izzy OKonek

Interviewing can often be an anxiety-ridden roller coaster filled with poor communication, unnecessary stress, and plenty of what-ifs. A big part of this paradox is the fear of the unknown.

How many interviews will it take before I’m hired? When does the topic of compensation come up? What is the interview process like? Is it hard?

At phData, our genuine goal is to make the interview process pleasant and stress-free for every applicant, regardless of role.

In this blog, we’re going to try our best to remove as much of the uncertainty as possible by walking through the interview process here at phData for a Solution Engineer.

Whether you’re officially job hunting or just curious about what it’s like to interview and work at phData as a Solutions Engineer, this is the blog for you!

I’m Interviewing as a Solutions Engineer at phData, What’s the Interview Process Like?

So you’re curious about working at phData. First, let us brag about our most recent awards including the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year or the 2022 Best Places to Work.

Regardless of how you found us, we’re so glad you’re here! In this section, we’ll break down exactly what you can expect from your first interview to a typical day in the life as a Solutions Engineer. All interviews will consist of a Zoom meeting where you meet personally with a team member.

Interview 1: Recruiter

phData’s recruiters are experts in the what and how of our company and will guide you through what makes our company unique and exciting for our candidates. We will discuss your career goals, the timeline for finding a new position, and your compensation needs.

We want to know what interests you specifically about phData and what encouraged you to learn more about our company.

Next, we will review your skillset and see how it aligns with the Solutions Engineer position. If the recruiter agrees this is the right fit, we will move you to the next step in the interview process.

Length of Interview: 30 – 45 minutes

Interview 2: Leadership

In this interview, you will meet with the Director of the Solutions Engineering team. The discussion points in this interview will include a review of your current experience as it relates to cloud data engineering and solution engineering.

The interviewer will also discuss your experience working with the sales team and your experience presenting to an executive leadership team.

Length of Interview: 45 – 60 minutes

Interview 3: Technical Interview

You will meet with one of our Senior Solution Architects to review your technical skill set as it relates to cloud data platforms, migrations, and engineering. This person will also discuss the daily duties of this role.

Length of Interview: 30 minutes

Interview 4: Project Challenge

The team will provide you with a sample proposal to a client. This will be a role-play scenario where you’ll be presenting your solution to a customer or stakeholders. Everyone will work as a team to support you through this presentation and allow for collaboration as needed.

Is the Project Challenge Hard?

The purpose of the project challenge is to share your strength in communicating a highly complex technical solution. Typically, this is not difficult for someone who is experienced in this area.

Length of Interview: 1 hour

Interview 5: Final Interview/Offer

Good news! There is no actual final interview. You have finished the interview process. Your recruiter will follow up as to whether you will receive an offer and any final details.

We often make an offer within 48 hours.

Any Tips for the Interview Process?

The best piece of advice we can give is to simply be your authentic self. Well, that, and to show up of course 🙂 We also recommend asking questions and being transparent.

11 Reasons Why Solutions Engineers Love Working at phData

As a Solutions Engineer at phData, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and specialize in some of the highest-valued technology skills available. You’ll learn new technologies through certifications and boot camps. We even pay you a bonus for every certification you learn!


Listed below are 11 reasons why our Solutions Engineers love working at phData. Also, feel free to reach out at any time to our recruiting team by connecting on LinkedIn for more information on any of the reasons covered below, we love talking about them 🙂

  1. Work with modern cloud data technologies (Snowflake, AWS, Azure, etc.)
  2. We pay for your technology certifications (AWS, Azure, Snowflake, etc.)
  3. Fast-track opportunities to grow your career (promotion within)
  4. Learn and collaborate with the best cloud data engineers in the industry 
  5. Four weeks of PTO – We love it when you use it!
  6. Remote-first with the option to come into a physical office
  7. New employee Bootcamp
  8. Bonuses for writing blogs and other thought leadership content
  9. Bench Time to invest in your skills 
  10. Strong core values 
  11. The. Best. Swag.

What’s the Experience like working as a Solutions Engineer at phData?

Realistically, no two days are the same for any of our Solutions Engineers. To highlight this and give you a small taste of what you can expect, we thought it would be beneficial to share some experiences from Solutions Engineers who work at phData.

“Working as a Solutions Engineer at phData is like what I imagine being on any of the great sports teams is like. There’s such a strong breath of knowledge and skill that you can find someone that complements your skillset. phData does a great job of recognizing standout performances while encouraging and rewarding collaboration. I like that I get to continue to hone my areas of expertise and have plenty of opportunities to branch out into others.”

A lovely headshot of Greg Suk
Greg Suk, Solutions Engineer
A fantastic headshot of Annelise
Annelise Wittenberg, Solutions Architect/Solutions Engineer

“In only a few months at phData, I’ve come to see firsthand just how much nuance exists in data platform problems across different customers and industries. Thanks to the deep expertise that our engineers and architects share, I’ve learned an abundance of new ways to address these nuances using the Modern Data Stack.  Anyone in the industry knows just how often the landscape of data and analytics changes. With Curiosity being one of phData’s core values, I’m encouraged and rewarded to be inquisitive and to learn new technologies and methodologies that will enable me to have meaningful and engaging conversations with my customers”.

What’s Next?

If you’d like to learn more about working at phData, we highly recommend you check out our career page. This section of our website has all our core values, links to our job boards, employee stories, and much more!

If you’re ready to apply, we’d love to connect!

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