July 26, 2021

6 Reasons You Should Join phData

By Lisa Verde

Are you looking for your next big challenge?

Give phData a second (and third) look. 

Whether we’re building an AWS MLOps platform for a large restaurant chain or developing a streaming service for emergency responders in one of American’s largest cities, phData is the company where you get to make an impact. 

From Minneapolis to Bangalore, the phData team is building the data technology that the world’s most innovative companies need to grow. You’ll get to solve exciting data questions, help our customers do exceptional things, and challenge yourself. 

We’re moving fast—will you grow with us? 

Reason #1: Built By Engineers, for Engineers

Seven years ago, former Thomson Reuters and Cloudera engineers made a big bet on big data: they realized that data platforms and the cloud made up a pivotal shift in the way software solved business problems. 

They had two goals as they built phData:

Now we’re nearing 2022, and all strategic points come back to data. 

At phData, you get to solve real-world data problems with the best platforms, products, and technologies:

Whether you’re in engineering, project management, or ops—you’ll get to be on the frontlines of what’s next in tech. 

Reason #2: Solve the Most Challenging Problems

We’ll spare you the ‘cog in the wheel’ comparison, but the idea is the same: if you’re looking to have an impactful role in a collaborative, focused team—phData is the place for you.

We’re solving complex puzzles for our clients, and every single piece is critical to completing the picture. 

That’s why every role at phData is rich with responsibility for solving complex problems. Our team of experts is made up of engineers and architects who continue to grow by directly influencing the way we implement a solution for a client. 

“My experience with the team has been fantastic since the day I started at phData,” says Ajay, one of our Sr. Data Engineers. “I love that I can reach out to anyone in the company and they’ll respond quickly with no barriers.” (You can read Ajay’s full perspective right here.)

This isn’t just the marketing team getting buzzword happy, either—it’s how we organize our work. Nearly every role is customer-facing because we divide our organization into smaller teams aimed at specific solutions. This gives our teammates the autonomy and the responsibility for solving problems and driving the project.

Reason #3: Space to Create, Space to Connect

We’re proud of the fact that phData is now a remote-first company

“Remote-first” means we allow all current and future phData employees to work remotely, while maintaining office space in Minneapolis and Bangalore. We ensure our remote employees are as much a part of the team as those in the office. This includes how we conduct meetings, collaborate, design engagement activities, and more. We will tailor our operations around a consistent employee experience no matter where the person is working.

What does it mean for you? Simple: you get to choose how to spend your workday. But it’s not just about productivity. We’re committed to giving our employees what they need for a good work/life balance:

Reason #4: We Invest in Your Growth

At phData, learning begins on day one.

phData Academy starts every employee with a four-week boot camp customized to your role. From the start, we want you to focus on learning the new technologies that phData works on—Python, Spark, Snowflake, and more.

We create opportunities to share and practice skills with each other—including interpersonal skills like presenting and giving feedback. You’ll have the opportunity to continue learning throughout your career at phData with our yearly \$500 professional development allowance and paid bonuses for completing technical certifications.

We’re committed to you, not just as an employee but as a person seeking to learn and grow. Learn more about phData Academy in the video below.

Reason #5: Rated Best Place to Work

phData offers a supportive and collaborative work environment where employees are empowered to do their career’s best work while making a difference in how our clients build with data. 

In fact, for the 5th year in a row, we were named as one of the Best Places to Work by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal! Some of the reasons we recognize phData as a great place to work include:

Reason #6: Our Core Values Aren’t Just Wall Decorations

Our core values are at the heart of what we do. They inform our decision-making, how we treat each other, our customers, and impact our culture. They are: 

For Marilou Chanrasmi, our value of Psychological Safety is what hit home when she decided to join phData. 

“I decided to bring my whole self to conversations with executive leaders as we were exploring if I would be a good fit for both phData as Director of L&D and if phData would be a good fit for me,” she says. “The presence, humility, integrity, and open-heartedness of leadership was extraordinary. Feeling psychologically safe at work is the foundation for bringing out the best in employees. It has certainly done that for me.” (You can read more about Marilou and her work right here.) 

We get excited as we think about building more opportunities for experts like Marilou and Ajay.

Ready to explore work/life with phData? Check out our open positions. 

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