Data Platform Operational Maturity Framework

Data Platform Operational Maturity Framework Many growth-oriented organizations are undergoing data transformation and modernization efforts but few can truly build and sustain the platform of their vision. This is due to several reasons, but the most common culprit in preventing data transformation is a lack of a holistic operational strategy that’s implemented from the onset. […]

How to Create an Analytics Strategy

How to Create an Analytics Strategy Analytics is the method of logical analysis, dating back to 1590 from Aristotle’s works on logic. Simplified, it’s the systematic analysis of data or statistics. While developing an analytics strategy may just sound like figuring out how to best analyze your organization’s data, it’s far more complex than that. […]

How Much Does a Tableau Consultant Cost?

There’s a common joke amongst consultants that they rarely give straightforward answers. Their answers are almost always, “it depends.” So when we look at the question, “How much does a Tableau consultant cost?” Of course, the answer is, “it depends.” In this article, I’ll try to give context and narrow in on costs. To start, […]

What is Self-Service Analytics?

Think about your favorite frozen yogurt shop for a moment. The frozen yogurt business model involves each customer coming in and selecting a container to hold their tasty treat, and then moving one by one through the flavors and toppings to build and customize the most Instagram-worthy assembly of complementary flavors and colors in their […]

What is Analytics Maturity Framework?

Analytics maturity is a model commonly used to describe how companies, groups, or individuals advanced through stages of data analysis over time. This model progresses from the easy-to-implement types of analysis towards more difficult types of analysis, with the working assumption that the more complex types of analytics provide more value. In this post, we […]

Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

Trying to keep up with teenage slang is an incredibly futile task. While the emotions and themes of teenage life may seem to stay pretty consistent, the words and acronyms they use certainly do not. If you find yourself trying to ingratiate yourself into teenage culture, you’ll likely need more than a pocket-sized Merriam-Webster dictionary […]

5 Steps to Analytics Modernization: Real Solutions for Modern Analytics

5 Steps to Analytics Modernization: Real Solutions for Modern Analytics Analytics data strategy is not just about technology, it’s also about people and processes. Tools are getting easier and easier to use every day, yet adoption rates and quality of analytics output are often stagnant. Why is that?  Well, it is usually because companies over-invest […]